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Judging by the release notes, I think it's for publishing non-App content to the iTunes store
Yeah the pictures make the sizes look really off. The box is basically the size of two AppleTVs stacked on top of each other plus the thickness of the cardboard...
Or he got sick of looking at the word "Samsung" on his TV so he cut himself a new bezel using one of the CNC machines in the background
http://www.live885.com/index.asp?mn=3&id=9355&f=1 Website has slowed to a crawl, it's generating a ton of interest. They had viral-style teasers all last week...
And then the battery has to get even larger for the larger screen... then the screen needs to get larger to make room for THAT battery... then the battery - oh wait, maybe just make it a little thicker like the uhhhhh iPad 3?
A local radio station may have accidentally confirmed this on air today... apparently they have a palette of iPad 3's that they're already giving out as contest prizes. They've already awarded at least one but can't give them to the winners until Wednesday. I forget Mr. DJ's exact wording but it basically came down to a cover that covered the front and back, made out of similar materials to the smart cover.
Also I would imagine all dates Intel has mentioned are for general OEM availability... Apple could well have a special agreement with them to get chips early (as they have in the past). Maybe that's why the new MacBook rumours have also been pushed back - they're suffering the same delay, but will still get the chips before other OEMs. After all Apple has to be Intel's best ULV chip client...
More likely: AirBook - 11", 13", 15" or just maybe 11", 14" instead AirBook Pro - 13", 15", 17"
How many times do we need to see a screenshot of Proview's home page?
You mean launch day? I think Apple already has that covered...
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