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Nothing bogus about how Samsung copied every aspect of the iPhone and called it there own design. The proof is in the profits after Samsung could no longer copy Apple designs and ever since then they have been losing sales like no tomorrow. Because they don't know anything about designing a great product they only know how to copy one.
Many many people use One to One and find it a very valuable unique service. I think cutting this service would hurt Apple's brand. Nothing else like it exists in any other retail store just like the Genius bar. Those two services Apple provides are very big selling points to buy products from Apple.
Overreaction is an understatement to say the least. 
Apple doesn't make toys. Apple goes by the strictest privacy standards in the industry. He's blowing smoke or worse maybe he's smoking something. Either way he doesn't have a clue.
Until the latest one is released and that will change very quickly.
Yuk, no thanks keep your wanna be iPhone. I'll stick to the real thing.
I've used Siri many times and it can get you directions to places, tell you what song you are listening to, find the nearest restaurants, and much more including taking notes, reminders, add a calendar event. Slack is useless. Next.
Bla,bla,bla, they always say stuff like this every year. And what happens is Apple has record sales for the quarter.
Really need to remove the application from existence as it does nothing except attract malware and slow down your Mac. Absolutely useless program that just wastes space existing. 2 million is far to small a settlement for such crap.
The market keeps asking for Apple to perform and it always out performs yet this is how the market treats Apple all the time. Apple gets some of its biggest sales out of China including this last quarter. Those made up stories of China slowing down are just that, made up. No evidence seen by Apple sales at all. Really fed up with how the market treats Apple which had another record quarter in its slowest sales period. So I don't get this free fall with no evidence or truth...
New Posts  All Forums: