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Microsoft tried to push that on there customers with Windows 8 and it was a disaster to say the least. Apple said it wouldn't work and they were right. I'm glad Tim knows that and won't make the same kind of disastrous mistake that Microsoft did.
B.S. They don't know what they are talking about. Lines are still at the Apple stores for iPhones. Suppliers change all the time and you cannot base sales on how Apple supplies there parts. So stupid these doom and gloom stories are getting so old and tired. Apple just had a record quarter that didn't even include the new iPhone models yet so imagine with the new models and the other new products that were just released. Like the Apple TV, and the iPad Pro coming out...
The Apple TV isn't meant to use as a computer so you won't see Safari. It is a media and home appliance. It will run you automated home products like webcams, lights, and so on and also give you all the media content to watch movies, TV shows, music and so on.
Apple uses many vendors for there builds and may change vendors at anytime. Apple's last quarter proved there is no doom happening at all. Most of that quarter was old iPhone sales that are still going strong. This quarter we will have the new models of iPhone, iPad Pro, Apple TV and Macs. Only idiots will see doom and gloom because they are still living in the early 90's and can't seem to get out of that time warp. Apple is a very different company today with no doom and...
I'm sure they are working on a new one. You got a remote with the Apple TV, use it duh!
Another trash worthless piece with no facts to back it up. Apple just proved themselves yet again with there last record quarter which is one out of 10 years worth of record quarters I might add. This is not the early 1990's folks. Apple was still bigger than McDonalds back in those days. Now there bigger than Exon and everyone else. Apple is not going away now or later or ever. Mike Daisy is a troll that will write anything to get money.
I disagree. I have seen IOS stop responding many times when all the apps are left open. After closing them things work again.
They would need to pay a lot more like my retirement and then some before I would even put a slight thought into using Windows of any kind.
Nothing bogus about how Samsung copied every aspect of the iPhone and called it there own design. The proof is in the profits after Samsung could no longer copy Apple designs and ever since then they have been losing sales like no tomorrow. Because they don't know anything about designing a great product they only know how to copy one.
Many many people use One to One and find it a very valuable unique service. I think cutting this service would hurt Apple's brand. Nothing else like it exists in any other retail store just like the Genius bar. Those two services Apple provides are very big selling points to buy products from Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: