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Scrutinizing what? Apple hasn't officially announced anything about a streaming music service yet. The EU and whatever companies over there seem to be getting way ahead of themselves. Are they that terrified of Apple?
To expensive! You add all the other channels from Sling and you are already paying more than a cable provider. They also need local channels, High definition, and every channel should be separate and at a much lower price and you pick what you want to pay for. Then you will have a new TV experience that people will flock too. Right now however it the same old thing only online instead of with a cable provider.
Not surprised that the copycats can't keep up with Apple. iPhones battery does quite well and you can't lose your battery like the ones that are removable. Also those removable batteries last half as long as an iPhone battery so you need several of them. Apple does the full widget hardware and software and they don't ever do anything half assed. The copycats are always in a hurry to be first so most of there stuff is half assed. They make it look good like an iPhone 6 but...
Normal and high quality. So for $10 you get a piss poor stream and for $20 you get a clear stream. Why bother paying for either and just go for iTunes Radio. I don't want to pay double so I can get a clear stream that others provide for $10 or just use iTunes radio for free. High quality, yea right. Like you are going to be able to tell any difference except that the $10 stream will just be crappy. I see a tidal wave of nobody is going for that service. I predict it will...
Not unorthodox, revolutionary new design. That scissor design has been in use for 10 plus years or more. It makes sense to change it and the new design makes the keys go down in a more up and down motion versus only one side going down. It's just a better design.
There have been many cloud services that will advertise an unlimited plan at really to good to be true pricing. I sign up and a few months later they change there policy and raise there rates extensively. It is just a trick to get people to sign up and hope you will stick with them later when they raise those to good to be true rates a lot higher. Probably take away the unlimited status too. I have had to cancel many such plans that were advertised only to be disappointed...
To expensive as an internet choice. What we need is to be able to pick only the channels we want to watch and pay for. All local channels should be free and HD channels should also be included at no extra charge. Then they will have a service that most people will want and will pay for. But if the price gets to close to the cost of a cable service, NO DEAL!
This troll needs to be stopped now. You got your money, don't expect anymore. Companies that have no products should not be able to sue period. This should be illegal. If you don't have products then you don't have damages because you don't have anything your losing by not having anything to sell period.
Apple has many products than just the iPhone. Apple pay is now taking in revenue and cell phones will be around for a long time. Other products like Apple Watch are coming. So this so called doom is so B.S.!
I'm positive most people can't tell if they did this blind test. Also just because a player shows a blue light doesn't mean the audio is any better as Pono claims. The only truth here is that the player costs more and the songs will cost more but the audio quality is the same thing you can buy off of iTunes or anywhere else. SCAM!
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