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That's interesting because there are probably only a handful of employees that know if such a device even exists let alone what kind of battery life it might have. This story if FUD! Let's all wait for Tuesday and see what they announce instead of writing a bunch of FUD and fiction about something nobody knows about.
No Samsung bribes, lies, and coaches people to pick Samsung. None of it is a true reaction to the hardware they show between the two.
Samsung has already been caught lying about there commercials. All setup so naturally the people that got paid to say Samsung was better were in the commercial doing so. This is no big surprise. All lies!
Judge Koh is no better than that other puppet doing the book case. I wonder how much Koh is getting paid off to reverse all of these decisions that were originally in favor for Apple.
First of all the Macbook Air doesn't need a touch screen because it's not a tablet. It is not trying to fake to be a tablet unlike the Surface which is trying to fake to be a laptop. The Macbook Air is a full computer that is as portable as any can be. The keyboard is included with the Macbook Air. It costs an extra $150 to get that keyboard for the Surface. With the Macbook Air can add external drives, DVD player, hook it up to your Big screen High definition display. Try...
Accepted by who? Certainly not the consumers! I don't accept this at all and I doubt if given the choice anyone would.
Boycott Amazon. Don't buy anything from them. The Monopoly is Amazon, not Apple. They are proving it with this kind of behavior.
And as usual nobody will pay attention to what Samsung does. Apple's press event will be of primary interest from everyone though.
A new report says they have NOT banned any Apple products. It was some documentation that Apple did not provide for energy compliance that they did not post Apple products in that list. However you can still buy any product that Apple makes. And there is NOT any issues with Apple's security either according to the new report. FUD.
Lack of knowledge of administration and the fact you could add a bluetooth keyboard to an iPad obviously had something to do with it. Anyone who knows about iPads and using them in a corporate or school environment should know about how to administrate them properly. Obviously the schools IT has no clue or they would not have run into the problems they claim. Chromebooks are glorified Network terminals that have no software. I honestly don't see how those actually worked...
New Posts  All Forums: