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He also left out that shipments don't mean squat! And we all know that Samsung's sales are dropping like a rock. They can out ship all they want but if they don't sell anything who cares.
Yet the stock is down. WTF!!!!
This has nothing to do with terrorism. This is a user privacy issue. 
If Pearson did not implement correctly and have there software fully tested obviously the iPads will only follow the programming implemented by Pearson. If that software was faulty then obviously there is no way it would work for anyone on any platform. Blaming Apple for someone else's software is idiotic! Apple has plenty of schools and districts that have had total successes and lead in having there hardware in schools. L.A. did not prepare or do there homework properly...
Should be called outdated C. ApplePay is more secure, and no personal info is given out. The so called competitor collects your data and is no better than swiping your credit or debit card the way it is now. 
Florina just lost her bid for president with those remarks. He sells products in indiana and Arkansas too. But that doesn't mean he likes the politics that is going on there like the rest of the world. I'm sure if he had some measure of power he would also put his two cents in for the rest of the world like Iran and Saudi Arabia. And just because he is CEO of a company doesn't mean he can't express his views. Maybe he actually cares unlike Florina who seems to be the...
Scrutinizing what? Apple hasn't officially announced anything about a streaming music service yet. The EU and whatever companies over there seem to be getting way ahead of themselves. Are they that terrified of Apple?
To expensive! You add all the other channels from Sling and you are already paying more than a cable provider. They also need local channels, High definition, and every channel should be separate and at a much lower price and you pick what you want to pay for. Then you will have a new TV experience that people will flock too. Right now however it the same old thing only online instead of with a cable provider.
Not surprised that the copycats can't keep up with Apple. iPhones battery does quite well and you can't lose your battery like the ones that are removable. Also those removable batteries last half as long as an iPhone battery so you need several of them. Apple does the full widget hardware and software and they don't ever do anything half assed. The copycats are always in a hurry to be first so most of there stuff is half assed. They make it look good like an iPhone 6 but...
Normal and high quality. So for $10 you get a piss poor stream and for $20 you get a clear stream. Why bother paying for either and just go for iTunes Radio. I don't want to pay double so I can get a clear stream that others provide for $10 or just use iTunes radio for free. High quality, yea right. Like you are going to be able to tell any difference except that the $10 stream will just be crappy. I see a tidal wave of nobody is going for that service. I predict it will...
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