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Senator, have you seen Amazon and the way they treat online book authors. I suggest writing a letter to Amazon if you are talking about bullies in business. I think Apple has no such plans to be the bully. Whatever happened to the idea that a better business gets the business. If Apple has a better idea and can make money from it since it is there product why can't Apple make 30% profit. Spotify and the rest had there chance and did nothing. Now the only thing they do is...
Yea how dare they invent a music service and control it. How dare they ask for money for there service period. Since Apple owns its service and the App store why can't it take advantage of what it has. If spotify had its own app store and took profits from it would anyone say that was bad? Bunch of whiners.
Actual facts about there earnings you mean. Record earnings at that. They always have a lame excuse to knock the stock down. Google has an okay quarter barely meeting expectations and there stock goes up $85 a share. Bunch of idiots in the stock market from what I can tell. They can't tell a great company if it was painted on there stupid faces. How many record quarters does this make for Apple. 10 or more I believe and they still don't get it. IDIOTS all of them.
Why does Samsung always think that being first to market will make there sales somehow better? This never works. A crappy product will not sell well no matter if it is first or the last to market. Nobody wants to buy crap period.
Apple always ships same day overnight for all repairs so when the repair is completed it is also shipped back overnight. At the retail stores all software repairs are free even if it means reinstalling the OS. Any diagnostics are free as well. Out of warranty hardware repairs are the only thing Apple charges for when it comes to servicing your Macs. Need service get a Genius Bar appointment is the best way to be seen quickly. Walk-ins usually have to wait longer and...
There are always roadblocks in negotiations for new stuff. Apple always gets through these somehow. It really isn't news.
Streaming is different than satellite TV streaming. I don't know where they are coming from but they don't have a clue apparently. This shouldn't last long in court.
If its consumer choice then make Car play the primary choice.
He also left out that shipments don't mean squat! And we all know that Samsung's sales are dropping like a rock. They can out ship all they want but if they don't sell anything who cares.
Yet the stock is down. WTF!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: