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And that's what you get with your so called OPEN OS. Open to a lot of trouble just like Windblows.
iWork is free and has all the editing capabilities and you can print too. Don't need free trial software that limits your work and will probably be full of upgrade now popups!
Tim Cook said in the keynote that the Apple Watch will start at $350. Did anybody listen or pay attention?
MCX is not a competitor, it has already lost. QR codes? Personal bank account information, your social security number is also required.  No thanks. Your technology is garbage and you already lost to Apple Pay where none of this private and highly confidential information is needed. And Apple Pay is backed by all the banks that also know it is really secure.
Yes it is in there best interests to take your private data and commercialize it so they can send you a lot of junk mail and there servers can be hacked and that data will get stolen. That's there answer to Apple Pay. Which gives no personal data, not even your credit card number the only thing the store gets is a validation code that says your purchase went through. Security means nothing to these big chain stores apparently. Your answer Walmart is LAME!
Except for one thing, they get no personal data from Apple Pay, not even your credit card number. So I think you have your facts wrong. The only thing that shows on there side is an approval code for the transaction with Apple Pay, that's it. 
Boycott CSV and RiteAid until they bring back Apple Pay as an option for the consumers. We don't want our information used for there evil means through there crappy service period!
GTR, Ha, ha!!!!! What drugs are you on? Did you not read anything in the news. Apple just posted another record quarter and the iPads that are out there now are sales of last years models and they still met forecasts. So go Boom! yourself somewhere else. With IOS8, Yosemite working together like nothing on the market sales will go even higher so Boom yourself!
How many times does Apple have to say WE DON'T WANT YOUR DATA! It's part of there whole business model that customer privacy is a top goal. You will hear this when you go to an Apple store as well. Many customers don't back up when they should so they will ask Apple store employees to back it up temporarily to there Macs. And the same response from an Apple store employee is "we can't do that because of a customers privacy". It is NOT aloud. As Tim Cook keeps saying over...
Yes lets blame everyone but who is really to blame which is there own government. Apple has nothing to do with there money problems and blaming them is just a big copout plain and simple.
New Posts  All Forums: