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I look forward for the jury's verdict before Friday. I don't think they will need much time to award Apple the $2 billion it deserves. Samsung is a copycat, lowdown, lying, cheating, with no morales company. They don't care about anything except themselves so they will cheat the system anyway they can including in court.
Samsung will lie, cheat, steal, copy, and just about anything else that is low life to make a buck or win an argument. Boycott Samsung products. They have no morales, not one drop of honesty in them. Samsung is corrupt through and through.
Another FUD story put to rest with Apple's latest earnings which show just the opposite. Go write your FUD about Microsoft where it belongs, not Apple!
Lie after lie Samsung can't be trusted even in court. The judge and jury should way heavily on this in favor of Apple if they have any brains at all. Samsung is a copycat, lying, cheating, scumbag with no morales and will do anything to make a buck including stealing other companies ideas and products and claiming them as there own.
So again more proof that Samsung lies, cheats, steals to get business even when there is no business. It's poor attempts at putting down Apple's products in its advertising appear to be a big failure not to anyones surprise. The corruption of this companies leaders seems to have no bounds and it seems that the legal system is totally blind to there actions as they keep getting away with lie after lie after lie. The the anal-ists seem to be blindingly following them like...
More FUD. Since Apple hasn't released a new Apple TV we don't know what it will have or look like. I hate these guessing game stories that try and put down a product that doesn't exist yet. Need to wait and see what the real product will be and actually have as features.
This certainly would not be a product that sold well if were talking thousands of dollars to sell. Since there is no iWatch yet and Apple hasn't released anything on it I will take this with a grain of bad salt. Whomever is reporting this stuff should just stop making crap up because it isn't going to help anyone anyways.
Microsoft you lost the car game when you couldn't improve on your Sync system. Ford gave you plenty of opportunity and you blew it! I don't think car manufacturers are going to go back to you for a car system anytime soon now.
There were about 10 people in line at the Microsoft store for there free one year subscription. Yes that's right only 10 and that's because the store wasn't open yet. After that there was no more traffic. $100 a year is way to expensive and since Apple gives away there software for free the idea is even more ridiculous to pay that much.
Cote is a puppet, not a judge. She doesn't go by evidence, she goes by who she thinks is guilty and that's that. Apple could have Amazon say they did nothing wrong as an example and she would rule that Apple is guilty without even a flinch. Can't wait to see Apple's appeal get started because that will be with a different judge and that will definitely change the outcome of all of this non-sense from Ms.puppet Coyte. Apple did no damage because Apple didn't do anything...
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