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If you are using voice commands then it isn't any worse then any other system that does the same thing. FUD!
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus just went thermonuclear on Samsung. BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ba,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ah!!!!! Android has 99% malware and all kinds of ugly and you Eric call this more secure than Apple? Really? You better check the definition of what secure is because you are not getting it at all! About as secure as Windows or probably less actually.
Yea, bigger phones but not better phones like the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. There's a big difference Mr.Schmidt. The iPhone 6/6Plus actually work, have better software and hardware including the best cameras again. Samsung has big and a lot of gimmicky software that doesn't do a whole lot of anything. There made of cheap plastic and still break more easily then the iPhones do. Sorry your answer Mr. Schmidt doesn't hold water.
Paypal needs to get there facts straight. iCloud was never breached or hacked. Those famous stars got phished into giving away there information and there account passwords were guessed so the ones phishing logged right in with there information. The iCloud was never hacked or compromised in any way. Tim Cook's interview with Charlie Rose part one Tim Cook himself explains this quite clearly. Apple is very secure and Tim expresses they will improve on it further even...
That's really funny from the ones that COPIED Apple's iPhone and iPad. The only thing similar to a Samsung device is a bigger size, that's it. And Apple has come out with that bigger size after many before it. Samsung is scared because now, they have nothing to offer with there junk. Galaxy sales were below expectations before, wait till after the iPhone 6 and 6 plus hit the market on Friday. I think Apple already has more pre-order sales than Galaxy ever had even after...
Is that how Samsung employees work? In that mess? Do they always pile customers devices on top of each other like that? I don't know about anyone else but that would concern me that my device was getting damaged by piling devices on top of each other like they were trash. Even though we already know that but anyways. As for bashing Apple products that just proves they are soooooooooo, jealous! And they are soooooo, scared as millions of Samsung owners will now move to the...
That's interesting because there are probably only a handful of employees that know if such a device even exists let alone what kind of battery life it might have. This story if FUD! Let's all wait for Tuesday and see what they announce instead of writing a bunch of FUD and fiction about something nobody knows about.
No Samsung bribes, lies, and coaches people to pick Samsung. None of it is a true reaction to the hardware they show between the two.
Samsung has already been caught lying about there commercials. All setup so naturally the people that got paid to say Samsung was better were in the commercial doing so. This is no big surprise. All lies!
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