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So its okay to count PC tablets and netbooks as PC sales but not iPads as Mac sales? What a bunch of poppy cock! And then to come to a totally bogus conclusion on Mac sales and outright lie that PC sales have gone up. Something is very wrong with Gartner and IDC. I will no longer trust or believe anything Gartner and IDC have to say anymore just like Consumer Reports. These 3 now have a reputation for prejudice against Apple. Lying about Apple products in there reports...
Tightly controlled Android operating system? Since when? Google doesn't know the meaning of tightly controlled. If it was they would probably be doing better. But since only 4% of Android products are even up to date with the latest Android operating system. I don't see any controls on any manufacturer with Android. Samsung will fail, they only know how to copy others not R&D there own products. There in to much of a rush to be the first out there with stuff that's only a...
"Google is upset that Android is being used as an open platform" Why is Google upset about this? Android is an open platform. And that's what the marketing of Android has been exploiting for how many years. Amazon is doing the same thing with its products, so Google should be upset with Amazon as well. Sorry Larry but you guys at Google created this mess. Blame your selves! Android has been manipulated and tweaked so many different ways and since it is a free and OPEN...
Boycott Amazon. They are trying to squeeze the authors out of any profits and if you don't like there deal they stop selling your books. Amazon is the book monopoly, not Apple. Apple was able to bring cheaper book prices without squeezing the authors out of what they deserve.
They have been struggling not just with iPad and iPhone competition but there biggest market Windows. Windows 8 is a total failure, nobody wants it or likes it. It is the biggest tool since Windows Vista. Trying to force to GUI's into one operating system is just stupid especially trying to make a desktop work like a tablet when there is no tablet functionality. 
Yea and if it is about money these idiots are going to throw away a lot more money when they find themselves fighting malware, viruses, DNS attacks on those crappy PC's. Not to mention reliability issues which will have them spending twice as much money repairing these cheap pieces of crap versus actually using them. 
Two words for everyone. "Boycott Amazon!"
Boycott Amazon!
Tim Cook said last year that he has a huge team working on maps and with the recent purchase of another map company I don't think there has been any slow down in that department just no major announcements at this time. I myself have had no issues with maps and it has always directed me correctly without issue. So trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill in this story is just a bunch of FUD!! Nothing to see here move along.
I find nothing mediocre about iTunes Radio. And at $25 a year for commercial free music, its a deal that nobody can beat. Spotify, Pandora both want that every month. This report is mediocre and doesn't really hold water. iTunes radio has already surpassed Spotify by miles. So I don't know what the whining is about but its unfounded and not true. The beats deal could bring more variety of music but I think iTunes Radio is just fine as it is.
New Posts  All Forums: