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It's only Apple that is unreasonable. Yet every other company out there who can't make there own products themselves and just steals Apple's R&D are little angels. What a bunch of B.S.!!! Every patent whore out there with no products seems to think they should have a piece of Apple's profit without spending a dime to create anything and they call Apple unreasonable? I'm sorry but that is unreasonable in so many different ways. Apple didn't start this patent war,...
AT&T is going to a new low in sneaky deceptive advertising to get people to switch to a plan that will give you less service and make you pay a lot more for it. Bait and switch plan is what they should call this. False advertising at best. Don't fall for it, you're better off sticking with what you have because this bait and switch plan will not offer you anything except taking more money from your bank account. :-(
That's right, if your Mac isn't new, you don't get airplay. :-(
Yup, and so far he's failed at every market. Keep up the good work Balmer.
No Bill, Apple doesn't need or want anything to do with your next failure. Tim Cook already said before that Apple wants nothing to do with a Tablet that tries to do everything like a PC but fails miserably at it. That's what the surface is and why it won't succeed.
iPhone and iPod Touch users have a choice to upgrade if the device is compatible. Android users are at the mercy of the device makers, which 95% of them don't care about your software. They are only interested in you buying another device later. If it happens to have updated software then your in luck. Otherwise your out of luck.   Another reason NOT to buy Android.
I don't care about Ping or any other social media with iTunes. I just want iTunes to be able to play my content efficiently.
This is as expensive as there first attempt with Logitech for $699!!   No thank you.
Agressive pricing for Microsoft isn't going to be cheap, just look at how much they charge for Windows. $199 versus Apple's Mountain Lion $19.99. Who's got the aggressive pricing? It isn't Microsoft. Since they haven't even mentioned when it will be released or the price it is a fair bet that they won't undercut the iPad even for there so called consumer version. They'll tout having a so called real keyboard as there advantage over the iPad. They better work...
Verizon's clarification then confirms the earlier reports, they are dumping unlimited data plans just like it was reported. The minute you get a new phone you are OUT! I'm glad I'm NOT a Verizon customer!
New Posts  All Forums: