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Everyone knows Samsung lies, copies, steals, cheats at everything it does. Do you really believe they sold 800,000 of those dumb clunky watches? I don't, not for a second. Maybe they gave them away or like others have said, they are in the inventory all over the place. There reputation as a company has gone down the sewer drain with me. I would not purchase anything with a Samsung label on it.  Why do I call them dumb? Because you need there tablet or phone to actually...
Samsung deserves the full 360 million dollar fine to compensate Apple for outright stealing and copying. They even have admitted it in court even. They've been caught opening and distributing legal confidential documents from Apple as well and trying to use these against there competitors. Samsung needs to be brought down a notch. They think they are not liable for any of there actions like some spoiled kid. This has to stop and I think Apple will someday convince the...
And that's like saying Apple will close tomorrow. Apple doesn't just give up. And the story gets it wrong in another way. Apple sells content to sell hardware, not the other way around. Apple may not release a product soon but just plain give up, I don't think so. Apple worked on the iPhone for 7 years before it's release. So I think a big grain of salt needs to be tossed on this story. So yea we may not see an Apple TV tomorrow but don't bet against Apple for the near...
Sure walk into an Apple Store right now and take a look around. If that's losing money then Microsoft must be at -300% even for there mere 10 stores they have. Just another FUD story with no facts to back it up with.
The Anal-ists still don't understand Apple's business and it looks like there to stupid to ever get it. But Apple keeps making money and people are loving there products. 
Apple does what? I have yet to see any Apple advertisements that actually says or does anything directly against its competitors. All of Apple's commercials are showing off its own products with even very few words. Samsung however has been on a rant against all of its competitors including against Apple. Most of it is pure FUD and a lot of it is lies which are now starting to catch up with them. They even lie in court so Samsung deserves all that's coming to them. Proof...
Amazon got one thing right, it is lighter in everything. Less processor, less screen size, less weight, less apps to put on it, less quality. Better comparison Amazon should compare there's with the Samsung copy cats. There's a lot less of everything there as well.
Interesting, there are other reports to the contrary that IOS7 has been adopted faster than any update previously released.  Another he said she said article.
Funny, I'm using 7.0.2 and having no issues and loving it. Another hit piece to try and scare investors.
Samsung is proving to the world that it will cheat, steal, lie, fake, take, copy and remake it theres to make a buck. They will lie straight to your face without any reserves about everything Samsung. There commercials are a joke and now the whole world knows what a big ass lie they are and I wouldn't buy or receive a Samsung product ever!
New Posts  All Forums: