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Samsung is such a tool. It copies everyones tech and cheats every way it can to try and impress nobody. Lame!
I saw a demo of there streaming and the video didn't play at all especially at full screen. Something which you can do easily with Airplay and the Apple TV. Also Chromecast requires a very high speed internet connection and the latest top of the line hardware to get anything close to Airplay streaming especially if you want full screen which I think most people would want. Why display it on your big screen TV if you can only use a small square of the display? Not for me...
I'll stick with Apple TV knowing I'll get updated content that is licensed and updated and software that will make the Apple TV even better than it already is. I don't have mixed platforms so I really don't give a darn about Android compatibility anyways.
Apple cannot stop the Cheap crap that goes to market that people buy that is not an authorized product of Apple. If you don't want to be shocked or electrocuted buy genuine Apple products that have been fully qualified by the URL listings to comply with safety. If you buy crap you get crap, it's that simple. There are a lot of other factors involved here to like what shape are the outlets in the home like? Condition of the wiring in the home and so on. Are they using some...
You can't die from a 5 volt shock. The iPhone would have burned up if any more voltage like coming from the wall was put through the phone. The phone would not have rang because the phone would have already burned up with an overload. Something else caused her death while she happened to be holding an iPhone is my guess. Chinese media of course would love to blame an Apple product for her death so I have a feeling there is more to this story than what the Chinese are...
Hey Samsung, add that to B.S. commercials. Shows you how worthless the Galaxy is. Couldn't get a better commercial for Apple right from a true ironic story headline. Apple didn't even have to pay for it.
The anal-ists already know that the Samdung 4S isn't selling as well as they expected. Fortunately they are hammering Samdung's stock now for a change. And shipping doesn't mean selling. Especially when Samdung often times gives phones away with every one you purchase. Apple never has done that to make there actual sales numbers, not shipments go up.
The subscription based model ruins it for many. I don't want to pay for an application over and over again just to use it. iWork with iCloud is a way better deal and I don't have to pay Microsofts extortion money to keep using it. It works on Mac, Windows, and iPad and iPhone and iPod Touch. Microsoft is in trouble with there GREEDY subscription crap. They want to extort the user like they do with there corporate licensing fees every year. It's easy money cause they don't...
I like the fact that Apple's subscription price includes another benefit of having all of my music available to me to re-download as a part of the iTunes Radio price with no commercials. Basically an online backup without the hassle or the price of an online backup. And the price is about $10 a year cheaper than Pandora. Win, win situation all around in my view.
Every year we go through the same old thing. The anal-ists say Apple will fail and Apple makes them look like what they really are, stupid idiots! There is no such thing as magic, only hard work. People at Apple are always hard at work making products that people love to use. Anal-ists don't understand that you can't make products like that on a snap of your fingers just because they want to see something new at a certain time to make there bank accounts grow faster.
New Posts  All Forums: