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Good job Samsung, you and your products are just one big lie!
I guess Delta doesn't mind having pilots fly with an electronic paper weight. 
There always investigating Apple for something. Apparently they have nothing better to do. I'm surprised that Apple keeps tolerating this government harassment. I would have pulled the stores out of France and told them to go suck on a champagne bottle myself already.
Not really a big deal since OSX Mavericks is coming soon.
With iTunes match at $25 a year, not a month cost you have unlimited commercial free listening with iTunes Radio. Way better deal than Pandora's monthly cost plus your music is backed up and upgraded with iTunes match.
Apple TV streams HD 1080P movies, Apple holds a 50% market share versus 2% to Roku's market share. Very flawed survey bases on FUD. NEXT!
"Ellison suggested that Apple will not be as successful in the post-Jobs era. He told Rose that the world had already seen the company Apple without Jobs once, and it did not go well." Except that first time Jobs didn't give them the inside scoop and train them for 10 plus years. This time things are much different. He hand picked his successor because he knew he could do the job. Tim Cook has worked side by side with Jobs for a long, long, time. That's the difference Mr....
The touch keyboard is the future. Apple goes forward Microsoft, you go backward. Just like your sales go backward.  Your price is to high even if yours was free I still would not want it because it is old technology. I don't want to pay another $150 for your keyboard that falls apart in a month.
Judge Coyote got paid off before the trial began. So the publishers objection will go unheard by this so called judge. We need to get to the appeals court with a new judge who hopefully isn't paid off by the DOJ or Amazon for that matter. This whole case reeks with a bad smell of political crap going on. As for the DOJ's proposal it is exactly what Apple said it is. Especially when they try and reach for Apple's other business, music, movies, and Apps which has nothing to...
Apple still has to go through it's appeals. Apple followed exactly what Amazon did to build it's book business. Only to be wrongly accused of starting some kind of fixing of prices which in reality it didn't do any of that and testimony was even put out there that proved that. But when the DOJ paid off the judge of course she already had her mind made up before the trial even began. Hopefully an appeals judge won't be tempted with bribes and will actually look at the...
New Posts  All Forums: