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1 total case reported doesn't make this a story people. Just 1 person reported this. This is sensationalism from whomever wrote this. Make sure your password is decent and move along people, nothing to see here.
The best way to show Samsung how much we dislike it is to boycott there products. All of them. No sales means no money to continue battling in court. I for one would never buy or own a Samsung product after reading about this kind of behavior from a corporate entity. No morales, not dignity, no class what so ever. Don't buy Samsung products!
It leads by copying everyone else so it doesn't have to pay for the R&D costs. Ripping other companies off so it can make a profit. Boycott Samsung products.
The best way to deal with Samscum is to boycott there products. Power to the consumer. And Apple would have paid the Frand if Samscum would have dealt fairly and asked for reasonable royalties which they did NOT! That's why they went to court so now Apple will pay them what the court has decided as reasonable royalties for the Frand and Apple agreed to that. That's what Apple would have done in the first place if Samscum wasn't who they are, scum!
And Apple will update Siri with IOS 8 and it will still be better and won't sell your information to the world like Google will.
Upstage Apple like with there dumb watch! LOL! Apple is going to make them look pitiful with the products they release. And after Apple does release its own stuff you watch within 6 months you will see a total redesign of Samsung's products that will look exactly like Apple's. Just like after the iPhone came out there were none with touch displays, after Apple though everyones went to touch displays, well except maybe Blackberry which ignored there doom until it was to late.
Thermonuclear is the only way Apple will get true justice. Samsung is a lying, cheating, copycat, no morales kind of company. They even lie in court any chance they get. Let the bomb drop that should have dropped years ago already.
I look forward for the jury's verdict before Friday. I don't think they will need much time to award Apple the $2 billion it deserves. Samsung is a copycat, lowdown, lying, cheating, with no morales company. They don't care about anything except themselves so they will cheat the system anyway they can including in court.
Samsung will lie, cheat, steal, copy, and just about anything else that is low life to make a buck or win an argument. Boycott Samsung products. They have no morales, not one drop of honesty in them. Samsung is corrupt through and through.
Another FUD story put to rest with Apple's latest earnings which show just the opposite. Go write your FUD about Microsoft where it belongs, not Apple!
New Posts  All Forums: