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I like the fact that Apple's subscription price includes another benefit of having all of my music available to me to re-download as a part of the iTunes Radio price with no commercials. Basically an online backup without the hassle or the price of an online backup. And the price is about $10 a year cheaper than Pandora. Win, win situation all around in my view.
Every year we go through the same old thing. The anal-ists say Apple will fail and Apple makes them look like what they really are, stupid idiots! There is no such thing as magic, only hard work. People at Apple are always hard at work making products that people love to use. Anal-ists don't understand that you can't make products like that on a snap of your fingers just because they want to see something new at a certain time to make there bank accounts grow faster.
There case is more than weak, it's pitiful. Amazon did books deals exactly like Apple and yet Apple is somehow liable for what? So far they have shown absolutely nothing that Apple did anything wrong or different from what Amazon did. No evidence that they forced deals or anything.
Microsoft also draws attention to the fact that "the only consumer Office app the iPad can run is OneNote. Another lie in there advertising, iWork is available that does the same as Office does as well. So basically there whole commercial comparison is lie after lie. But when you have no real products that can compete, this is the only thing left for Microsoft to do is lie!
I'm sure AT&T will add HD voice and add another fee if you want to use it too. Another $10 a month if you want to add HD voice. I can easily imagine it now in there advertising.
Yea its ruff making record profits every quarter. It could be a very hard two years of record breaking sales.  Anal-ists and there total STUPIDITY! They are the only ones that see Apple in there own dreams as suddenly drying up with no sales, no products, whatever. Go to an Apple store in the mall and they will be the only store that is packed, even if there's a Microsoft store right next to it or across from it. OPEN YOUR EYES Anal-ists!!! Apple is still...
That's a real big joke since Samsung is the copy machine of Apple products. They don't know anything about innovation except what they learned from Apple and used it on there own products. That's not innovation Samsung, that's STEALING!
The store in are area had about 50 people lined up and that was it. Once the store opened the line went away. So the amount of stock available was probably limited along with the amount of interested buyers.
The surface took that long to sell a million units. The iPad sells that many in 1 weekend. They call that good? That's another Zune failure if you ask me. If you bought one you better return it because in 6 months Microsoft will shutdown production and support for it anyways just like the Zune.
The Anal-ists have lost there minds!
New Posts  All Forums: