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My 3rd Gen is running just fine.
When it comes to Apple, everything the Anal-ists do is overblown, always in the negative. Other companies have microscopic margins and there stocks SOAR when they make a profit like Apple did.
Nokia is desperate. Oh and by the way, it isn't going to work just like copycat Samsung's childish in line commercials.
Samsung has used 18 different connectors while Apple has changed theres only once. This comparison forgot a few features from the iPhone 5. Like turn by turn navigation and traffic reports, flyover real time maps. Panoramic picture with just one click. Video and photo editing right on your phone. A6 custom ARM dual processor that out does Samsung's Quadcore plus uses less power. Made of high quality aluminum and glass that is still lighter and stronger versus cheap...
Kindle Fire HD not compatible with any other Kindle apps or media. You need to re-purchase everything again if you already are using a Kindle.  To me that's a deal breaker right there. It's also using a modified Android system not compatible with anything else.  Stick with the iPad people.
Your story is misleading. It says Apple confirmed the iPad Mini event, yet Apple has done nothing of the kind. It only says your sources have confirmed the event. The only way Apple confirms an event is when they announce it themselves and post it on Apple.com. So anyone who is getting excited about this, calm down because nothing has been confirmed as of yet.
Samsung says less innovation, since when does copying represent innovation? Sorry Samsung but your blatant copying doesn't and shouldn't be awarded anything except what you got today.
Looks virtually the same as the old one, BORING!  Everyone move on, nothing to see here.
What does the app have to do with pushing people to sign up for there MORE EXPENSIVE shared CRAP! Why does changing the plan to the shared plan suddenly make it OK to use FaceTime? There are millions of apps out there, does that mean every time I put an app on my iPhone I have to change my plan? What actually changes?  I'll tell you, absolutely NOTHING!! AT&T B.S.!!!!
Here's the link to contact the FCC and complain about AT&T's unfair control of data and trying to manipulate customers to there RIPOFF Shared plan. I suggest everyone who doesn't like what AT&T has done should complain to the FCC.   http://www.fcc.gov/contact-us
New Posts  All Forums: