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Proview lawyers claim a lot of things and have been since this story broke. Apple has already told Proview lawyers to SHUT UP!  Until the chinese high court rules on there appeal which hasn't happened yet nothing they say should be taken with a grain of salt or less.
Oh and Apple can afford the delays with 110 billion dollars in the bank collecting interest they will have plenty of money to keep fighting so the delay is beneficiary to Apple in that regard.
German courts bias against Apple. It shows in all of there rulings. The courts there aren't about who's right, its about going against anything Apple product based. Samsung is a copycat, every court in the world has ruled against them for that very fact except Germany.
Space people will land on earth in 2017 film at 11PM.
Dr. Bott is the one spreading the Trojan, so of course there numbers are going to be higher. I myself never got it, and actually don't know of anyone personally that  got it either. This is a company that wants to spread FUD to get customers to buy anti-virus, anti-malware software. Apple already addressed the issue and the trojan is dead already no matter what the Russians think.
Another part of this is some people ignore there updates! No matter how many times software update prompts them to update, they are to lazy, ignorant, or in a hurry to bother with pressing the updates button and wait a few minutes to do them. I believe this is what were seeing now is all of the people who just refuse to do there updates when they show up. It is these types of users who get everyone in trouble, because they are the ones that will spread this kind of stuff...
Mind you this is 1 analyst out of many. He's been saying this for over a year now and look how far Apple's stock has climbed. Over $300 a share climb while he's still predicting some kind of doom and gloom. I'm sorry but Apple's products are doing quite well and the popularity isn't going away anytime soon if at all. Everyone thought the new iPad would do ho hum, instead it has sold better than even the first two.
Mac life just posted this story. Apple Scores a Major Win for Multitouch Patents Patently Apple is reporting that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has published 24 patents today which have been granted to Apple Inc. The first of these “highlights three out of five important Multi-Touch patent wins,” which cover multitouch auto scanning (for “disabling components of a touch-panel device during periods of inactivity to conserve power”), multipoint touchscreens...
Apple already has a Patent for this. So this Swedish company needs to license it from Apple, not the other way around. Apple got this Patent first!
For a Bankrupt company, they sure have a lot of money to toss at lawyers! I wonder if these lawyers really think they are really going to get paid. Proview makes cheap clones of an Apple designed iMac of the early 2000's. Apple should counter sue for that in the U.S. courts and make sure they go fully bankrupt with no money for there lawyers to continue, end of story, end of Proview.
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