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i'd start by transferring to a new host. godaddy is complete shit.
i don't know if this will help or not, but i started out by cutting my teeth on web design/development with golive (or cyberstudio as it was known before adobe purchased it). i then used dreamweaver almost exclusively after i changed jobs and that was what they used. for the most part i got to the point that i liked it more than golive. just seamed like it was more flexible and allowed me to develop my skills beyond the wysiwyg interface. it got to the point that i began...
though i understand your initial reaction, sometimes you just can't help it. let's take oklahoma for a second. they played a north texas team that ran a no-huddle pass-happy spread offense that was very ineffective moving the ball or taking time off the clock against ou's defense and gave oklahoma many more opportunities to score. it was 49 to nothing at the half. the starting qb for ou only played one series in the 3rd and both the 2nd and 3rd team qb's got into the game...
once again we see a total lack of accountability by this administration and the people who serve in it. they like to continually preach taking responsibility for ones actions and yet they take none for themselves when it doesn't not suit their purposes.
in the book of bush.
that is some ugly assed packaging.
we have the same problem here as well which have popped up over the last few months.
what do you expect, the guy was a big turd floating in this toilet bowl we call humanity. we would have all been better off if he had taken the big flush years ago.
aside from the animation aspect of fireworks, you shouldn't have a problem making the transition. everything else is very similar since they do many of the same things. as far as it's worth, you will better off with fireworks since it's a superior app in my opinion.
good color choice, it will match your back hair.
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