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"Speaking to more than a thousand Apple IT administrators was Fletcher Previn,..." I did a double-take on that line. Probably shows my age. I read "...a thousand Apple II administrators"!! LOL!! Now, that would be the IBM I knew back when.
Hmmm. Pot calling kettle black. On both sides.
from fake-william-shattner: "What do these douchebags have to actually pay for other than the billion dollars in bribes it takes to host the Olympics?" Dear Fake, They say that it takes one to know one. Sincerely.
"draconian and punitive intrusion" Eric Holder, strongly protesting, says, "Just another case of Republicans trying to create a 'phony scandal!'"
Hey, animated weather is cutting-edge technology!! Uh ... about 5 years ago, that is. I can't believe that Apple actually showcased this feature when WWDC time was at a premium. In fact, this app would make great Apple-mocking material for the next round of Microsoft Windows phone commercials. What will Ives come up with next for the weather app? Sound effects? Water droplets that appear to be hitting the display? How about a weather forecaster with radar maps that...
plovell wrote: "I wonder how many of those 100 million are still in use?" Excellent question! When we talk about any business/corporate purchases of Windows systems, they come with Windows 8 pre-installed, and they get counted as Windows 8 sales. HOWEVER, and this is a big "however", with that comes the option to DOWNGRADE to Windows 7. And that is exactly what many, many businesses are doing! AND, FURTHERMORE, some of these new systems don't run so well on Windows 7...
TWO POINTS * Point 1 AppleInsider staff gets a "F" for journalism on this article. The translation is incomprehensible. It doesn't help the story--it clouds it. * Point 2 If the essence of what Tim said is reflected in this article (and forget the translation), namely... - Improved repair policies for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. - A new "concise and clear" statement on its website regarding repair and warranty policies. - Increased supervision and training of Apple...
I'm sure it was to show that there's no hard feelings over the Flash battle. Give the guy a second chance. DWS (dripping w/ sarcasm)
The latest of the FUD muckers.
New Posts  All Forums: