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    I believe 802.11ac is not even officially yet approved as a standard. Implementing it right now is a bold move on Apple side !!!!....
and Appleinsider exists in Russian ( version http://appleinsider.ru )   Wonder what is the moderator policy ... (nazis symbols, etc ...)   (unfortunately I cannot say, I do not speak Russian)
  It's time for you to apply to http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/34319/official-member-title-request-thread    !!!!!!
"At this point, the WinTel partnership is now more like a ball of greasy hair saturated in Drano, eating it self up as it sucks itself down the sewer pipes and out of relevance."     greasy, greasy ...  quite true, actually ...  (hair style comparison "Hello, I'm a Mac." versus "And I'm a PC")
From what I have seen (not much) it seems this film is a variation (with bigger budget) of scenes previously seen in Pirates of Silicon Valley, which was not so bad, according to me. It seems that these gospels (present and future) will all tell the same story, with slightly different viewpoints. The question will eternally remain : what is the truth ? I am not sure Wozniak is necessarily the well qualified source ....
Good point : the "lick" criteria is satisfied !     "We made the buttons on the screen look so good you'll want to lick them." -- Jobs, on Mac OS X's Aqua user interface (Fortune, Jan. 24, 2000)
    Thanks for the reference. At least HP is still in the pocket calculator business !  (this is why my teenagers kids tell me ...). What a shame for the HP executives of that time !
What is crazy is that I remember very well having developed BASIC programs on this HP9830 workstation ... in 1973 if I remember well ...   Apple I was far, very far away from this ... at that time ....      
So, MSFT has once again managed to find captive users , to whom nobody asks for their opinion ..
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