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    No boobs , please, we are British ! :      
I read the above contributions with interest.   As mentioned earlier, I belong to Microsoft haters category, due to the fact I have been forced to use their miserable products during my entire career, but let's put aside this for a moment.   What is fascinating with Microsoft is how much they can come up with confusing choices, not just for the user, but also for the consumer in search of information about their products.   Just for fun (I am not interested,...
It seems that they are really addressing the problem, this time. But this is much too late ....   One thing analysts seem not to understand is that once a significant installed base has been created, unless users are deeply unsatisfied with what hey have bought (which is not the case, for Apple), challenging the champion is extremely difficult ... unless you propose something which goes far beyond the existing products ....   For smartphones, and probably even...
Kasper ! You have changed your slave or what ?
    No ! Microsoft is invincible !!!!!!!      
I have always thought that, if you remove all the Apple products, the Apple Stores can be easily converted into Buddhist temples (and the genius guys into spiritual advisors).
    Ballmer, I command you to come out of this body !
Welcome to Microsoft Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) :           Windows 8 version, of course (Microsoft reinvents, the BSoD, yes ...). How creative !  :          
  OUT-OF-QUESTION TO ENRICH MICROSOFT !!!!!! (especially given the fact that I have plenty of cheaper alternatives, but this is a matter of principle)   THIS IS MY REVENGE FOR HAVING BEEN FORCED, IN MY ENTIRE CAREER, TO USE PCs & Microsoft cumbersome, unreliable and anti intuitive software !
    Which tablets ?
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