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    Why would they object to a situation that creates job opportunities for them ?
  and a galaxy S3 exploded last night :     http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/1f5hoq/my_samsung_galaxy_s3_exploded_last_night_while_i/
These AI statements constitute one of the most outrageous outward signs of Apple fanboyism madness ! It is thereby demonstrated that the suspicious intimate companionship developed with Apple devices twists judgment (which demonstrates how dangerous these things can be for mental health). Wake up ! Open your eyes ! Consider the reality of Foxconn’s plant ! Starting at the age of five, Chineese children are forced to work for Foxconn, 48 Hours a day, and they have to...
    I remember, in the early days of Apple Mac OS (can't remember the exact version), I had a chance to customize my user interface in a Motif-like appearance (or others) with some add-ons. That was niece (although, admittedly, not essential).
    With BYOD policy, I guess, that, on the contrary, that iPads will disseminate within companies .... 
(double post)
Does this increase reflect more than the salarial cost of the hearing (Tim Cook + his colleagues ) ?
Great ! It was time to address this underutilzed tax deduction scheme, uh ? Thank you, Senators ...
  Perhaps not so well known in the United States, Grundig was also in Europe a very successful brand in Consumer Electronics, with very niece equipments.   Noone can predict the future, for sure, but I am confident in Apple's future, precisely because this is not just a question of market share, and because Apple does not just sell hardware , but  mix of various other things, which tend to grow in importance as time goes by.
Interesting article. The comparison with Samsung is not relevant, because a chip producer, or part provider, in general, has to make investments which is no concern for a system integrator like Apple.   May be the article should have addressed this "make or buy" typical system integrator issue, for which there are many pro and cons (vertical integration, risk of being superseded/copied by your own component supplier (eg Samsung) , but also capital cost & cost of...
New Posts  All Forums: