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    Yes, the whole deal being announced by S Ballmer, with Tim's (moderately) smiling face on a giant screen ... (NB : credit to Simtub member for the image creation)    
Say , after MS Office is available on iPad ?   (and, BTW, totally useless, because, you know, Surface is for SERIOUS creation work, as opposed to frustrating iPad)
    No problem ! we are already among you, you see ....        
    It seems to me ( I am cautious, I am not German, what I say should be confirmed by German member(s)) that one of the characteristics of German market is that there is no place for medium range products : every product has to be positioned, either on the low end, low price side, or the other way around, but nothing in between. I believe other markets rend to come closer to this pattern, more and more. Depending on his/her priorities, a given person may privilege one of...
For me, this is "MS Nowhere !"
    I made the same prediction, too .... It may happen after the ground infrastructure (Data Centers) is established  They can afford it ...
pfffff !!!! Apple is doomed ! only two people queuing !
I look forward to see Steve Ballmer explaining this new, modest and cautious approach ...
The professionals will leave this market to amateurs ?
      I thought he had a British car :           (thanks for the scoopertino link, by the way !)
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