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Acknowledged. On the short term, we have plenty of new type photon torpedoes to launch, and later on, Steve's cloning process from his DNA is underway (what we just need to complete are the legal provisions to restore his full legal rights).
evasive manoeuvers ...
1) Apple let the internet providers do the heavy investments necessary for the 4G 2) Apple allows, through a modified SIM card, the Apple mobile devices to choose the less expansive network (depending on location). MVNO principle 3) Internet providers shares fall down 4) Apple buys for almost nothing, country by country, the more efficient network provider
and not a "nightmare of restarting/reconnecting when they get to the meeting room." ?
There is another mystery about PC laptops, which I can observe everyday in my company : my colleagues walking in corridors hold them horizontally, like a pizza box (and not, say, under one arm). Do they fear that holding them vertically would break something into Windows fragile machinery ?
The long discussion about Apple $50 million operating expenses underestimation reminds me that Monty Python board of directors meeting sketch, where , after an operating profit of one shilling is announced, the question is raised whether it is before or after income tax ...
It seems to me that Apple is so way ahead with the iPad, as a versatile tablet, that the only possible strategy to compete with it is to propose limited purpose tablets (e.g. electronic book only). Any other attempt of frontal confrontation with Apple will fail. Apple is no longer the relatively small company it used to be , unable to mass produce & get economies of scale. They cumulate the advantage of having great products with the one of being capable of massive, cost...
Not surprising : both tactics have proved to be very efficient to reach the same effect ....
If you can't sell it, you give it for free ! Perfect management decision, uh ?
"ConradJoe has not made any friends yet" (OK, miserable post, he is not the only one in this case, and we do not post on the forum to make friends, do we ? rather a good way to make enemies, uh ?)
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