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Welcome to the cemetery of iPad killers ....
    I think that focusing solely on the short term customer interest (lowest price) should be balanced by the need to have a healthy market = one into which noone sells at loss. Because if so, as mentioned by other posts , the mid/long term (and desired) effect is to kill some players, which ultimately goes against competition, and therefore customer interest, if only one (Amazon) is left. Having said this, it is clear to me that publishers tend to fix ebook prices higher...
    Well, I think he would not mind to join his four colleagues .... ("Apple's Bob Mansfield, Bruce Sewell, Jeff Williams and Peter Oppenheimer were all among the top corporate earners in 2012....").
    Let's dance !
The only intelligent decision is to run away from a business where, as L Ellison said, "one third of the profit goes to the chip maker, and another third to Microsoft" (the "one third" turning into 50%, as the global margin shrinks, and neither the chip maker nor Microsoft are willing to take it into account). This is why IBM decided to quit this business.
"Don't "screw" the reader or the publisher, and good things will happen."    What can be said about this ? Amen ?
Indeed there is no such thing as an Apple mini store within the Louvre ... The store is indeed part of an underground shoppping mall adjacent to the Museum, but this is no ordinary shopping mall, mostly dedicated to luxury or cultural goods. Apple store fits perfectly well, in that respect, the only problem is that it is much too small .. But other Apple stores exist in or near Paris
Samsung or Samsung electronics ?
      First, no need for super size font (I am getting old, but I still can read normal fonts, you know).   Second, I do not deny times are tough in...
negotiation gimmick .... (futile, of course)
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