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  Yes, Microsoft "has no taste", and a lot of conclusions can be drawn from comparing Steve and Bill houses ....   But let's not forget that Microsoft strong point is in professional market, and Apple on consumer market, which explains many of their differences. For a long time, PCs have been too expansive for individuals. When they started to be affordable to individuals, a lot of people thought they could not be sold without a lot of technical assistance (starting with...
What will be the size of the keyboard of that thing ?
Talk to the hand, cos' my pen does not want to hear !
Fascinating curve, which can be observed in other Apple products lines : each item is growing + new items are added over time, which result in a very dynamic growth ratio
Is the use of this application "serious work" ?
    Well, Dali showed us how it could look like for watches, didn't he ? I like the idea of a totally flexible iPhone ...
a good hiring campaign ad could be : do you want to occupy a position which was once occupied by Albert Einstein ?
Visiting this site, I learn a lot about the US legal system, and many aspects of it are very unfamiliar to me. One of them is :  why are these judges so talkative ?
    I agree with what you said, but the Italian Justice was not happy with Applecare, even after Apple very clearly precised which were the terms of the contract, and Apple was fined twice for this, if I remember well ...
    I totally agree with this ....
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