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Silicon manufactured by Samsung has resulted in some great Apple products.  it's good for all parties, including the consumer.
 a typical overly-defensive and inane reaction to anything that remotely resembles what an Apple product does or may do.  the PlayStation Vita TV is a device to play games; there are people who perceive it as enough of a threat to perversely warrant bashing it.
  Apple has filed an appeal http://www.pcworld.com/article/2043480/apple-appeals-368-million-award-to-virnetx-in-patent-case.html almost two (2) months ago.   In the meantime, the verdict stands: Apple has infringed on patents owned by another company.
  in your world view, perhaps, but reality states Apple was found guilty of willful patent infringement.  i suspect Apple will either pay the required license cost or improve on their alternate implementation.
    What sources do you have to back up your claim "the Agency model has been king forever" ?   This article back in 2010 http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2010/04/26/100426fa_fact_auletta contradicts your claim   ---   "Traditionally, publishers have sold books to stores, with the wholesale price for hardcovers set at fifty per cent of the cover price . . . Though this situation is less than ideal, it has persisted, more or less unchanged, for decades."   ---   The...
  current as of April 2013, appleinsider is running on Linux with pages served up by Apache.  the site also uses JavaScript, jQuery and jQueryUI.  for HTTP compression, they are likely using gzip.  all of these six (6) things are open source.   that said, however, the article mentions -- in this very specific context -- success is based on monetary returns.
  If the majority of customers prefers a "familiar UI ... so an old looking OS and lack of crazy stuff is fine with them" then the ""nonsense that sometimes a phone you bought six months ago can't be updated to the new software" is entirely a moot point.   Android phones are wonderful, and Apple will continue making great products.
  no.   to understand the 'Other OS' feature requires looking back more than a decade ago.   for awhile Sony has stated their game consoles were more computer than console.  with the PlayStation 2, sold in Europe, the device shipped with Yabasic, a free and open source BASIC interpreter.  with the right tools, one could actually write and execute rudimentary program code on the console.  Sony added the interpreter in order to avoid the extra tariffs imposed on...
    the PlayStation 4 is a game console so, of course, a primary focus is on games.   tablets and consoles exist in different markets so it was rather pointless to bring up the "tablets are continuing to outsell consoles" foolishness.
  intent is the "state of one's mind at the time one carries out an action".  whether the intent resulted in identical implementation(s) is what's being argued in courts.  in this particular context, a Dutch court did not find Samsung to be infringing on Apple's design patents.
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