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  Although I agree, it seems lots of people here are very interested in Samsung products (current and upcoming).
You were already called out at how tenuous those kinds of search queries can be in supporting your opinion, seriously.
  ... which does absolutely nothing to strengthen your opinion.  if you type in 'broken apple iphone' in Google or Bing you'll get many more hits than the Samsung query.  both Samsung and Apple make quality products, and from both companies some items don't perform up to spec.
  last i heard, Foxconn has a ten (10) percent / $800+ million stake in Sharp Corporation.  Apple would have to invest about $3.5 billion to make Sharp Corporation a subsidiary of Apple / Foxconn.
  i doubt using one (1) example from five (5) years ago will sway people to your opinion.
  yes.   although Vista is my least favourite Windows version, once I increased memory of the computer to 4GB and disabled UAC, Vista ran well for the years I've been using it.  with respect to Windows 8, my stance is neutral so far.  i've never had an issue learning the UI of a consumer or enterprise-level OS, and there's nothing i've seen nor read that will indicate I'll have difficulty using Windows 8.
    you didn't even read the article; it made positive references to iTunes.
Considering that design of the PS3 started in 2001 with hardware finalised in 2005, it's not much of an revelation that something released next year would supercede seven (7) year-old technology.
There's a good chance I'll be getting an iPhone 5, and I will recognise the difference between the 4S and 5, unlike some people http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdIWKytq_q4
Yes, I stand corrected. An LTE-enabled smartphone with dual-band WiFi was release to market more than ten (10) months before the iPhone 5.
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