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i'm surprised the iPhone 4 isn't as durable as the 3GS; it's really unfortunate.
absolutely; the original thread title was pure bait.any reasonable person will assess the success / failure of WP7 devices only after a few quarters. some people made the mistake of disregarding Apple several years ago with the iPod and iPhone. best we take the high road, folks, and enjoy Apple products at the same time.
i suspect these new tones are just for testing purposes because they all sound horrible! i much prefer Tri-tone for SMS
the RC of Chrome OS appears to be near and a release in November 2010 a possibility http://techcrunch.com/2010/10/11/chrome-os-release/
given that Rogers (the main carrier here in Canada) has just recently started non-lab tests of a 4G network in Ottawa this does not surprise me. i do hope, however, the 4G rollout to other parts of Canada will occur throughout 2011.
i disagree. the format has been on the consumer market, worldwide, since June 2006 and its adoption continues forward. Blu-ray is a viable alternative to digital downloads. it'll be interesting see how both forms of media distribution will fare in 2015 and beyond.
i recommend purchasing a notebook whenever you have the sufficient funds as well as the need. given the speed at which technology improves there will always be something faster or better (subjectively) within the next 8 - 18 months. if you wait for the most ideal time to purchase a notebook you'll never purchase a notebook
yes. having a touch surface at least 7" along the diagonal would be great news with those with some form of mobility disability or reduced dexterity (due to age).
the second generation Core i3, i5 and i7's are expected a bit sooner: Q1 2011http://www.anandtech.com/show/3922/i...cture-exposed/
the one that suits your needs and criteria.you would have to do some reading and/or engage in some discussion(s) which is exactly what you did leading up to your purchase of the iPhone.
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