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that's quite the bold claim to consider their isn't a consumer market for a 7" tablet.
for cable lengths less than 15 metres, all HDMI cables are equally capable for carrying video and audio signals without issue. since signals are digital in HDMI, you either receive the signal or not. "better picture" is subjective and would only pertain to analogue signals like those carried across composite or component cables.
it's somewhat dangerous to be dismissive toward any company nowadays. things can and do change relatively quickly in the technology sector.
the upgrade is not worthwhile given your primarily usage of the iMac. assuming we're talking about the desktop i5, single-threaded apps will only run on a single active core (the other three cores will be down-clocked close to 0GHz). even though the remaining core will be overclocked to 3.2GHz maximum that won't help you read email faster or download content from the Internet any faster / better than a top-end i3.
i wouldn't be surprised if LG Display has samples in their lab(s).
i suspect, for senior citizens (aged 65 and above) especially, their reduced dexterity makes touch screen interfaces a bit tricky to use. also, font size and clarity becomes a much more important consideration as one grows older.
i heard many good things about Parallels. if i ever get a MacOS desktop or notebook i'll definitely give Parallels a trial run.
again, irony at its finest. well done! anyways, i'm sure people in San Francisco welcome the warmth, to a certain degree of course, during these past few weeks.
presumably a future iteration of the Apple TV will support HD audio (or least 7.1 linear PCM).
by full HD, do you mean 1080p video recorded at 60Hz? you may want to have a look at http://www.hdcameraguide.com/guide/
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