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   i never said flight control based software; not too sure to what statement (and from whom) you were responding.
    during the 1990s (and prior), absolutely, as some realtime operating systems (RTOS) are / were available on the SPARC architecture. migration to other OSes, especially Linux, has been going on for quite some time, however.
    certainly the people said those silly things in jest or in mockery of the ignorant.  i cannot believe anyone would state such things seriously.  do you have references to the actual posts?  if not, the statement above is complete hearsay.
  i strongly suspect most people here are smart enough to realise two (2) things   - OS X is viable at home and at work; there's absolutely no need to be overly anxious to prove this fact - NASA uses Linux as its default OS in both space and operational systems (i.e., the important stuff)
  Samsung Group and the electronics division will thrive.  Apple will also thrive.  in other words, business will continue quite well for both parties in the long term.
    loosing Apple, while quite noteworthy, isn't too significant for Samsung Group, overall.  the purported $7.8 billion revenue deal between Apple and Samsung Electronics only accounts for about six (6) percent of Samsung Electronics revenue.  in 2011, Samsung Electronics reported a revenue of $133 billion. http://www.samsung.com/us/aboutsamsung/news/newsIrRead.do?news_ctgry=irnewsrelease&news_seq=20096
  i don't keep track of Apple sales figures because the precise numbers do not and will never interest me.  i do know, however, that Apple will make some profit from me when i purchase the next iPhone; my 3GS is getting old ;)   anyways, i'm far more keen to know why Apple objected to the release of sales data since they already do so, publicly, a few times every year.  if the sales data matches, i can't see the reason for Apple lawyers' objection
    i can understand keeping tracking studies and buyer surveys secret because one may be able to glean proposed or upcoming features in Apple products.   as for releasing sales data: doesn't Apple already provide sales data in quarterly investor meetings?  i'm curious what's so special about these particular sales data points.
  The GT 650M is a mid-range GPU; not sure i would label the news as huge because the MacBook Pro line is high-end, relatively speaking.
    that's the very issue we're facing.   - people predisposed to Apple will highlight the similarities between specific Samsung and Apple products - people predisposed to Samsung will highlight the dissimilarities between specific Samsung and Apple products   from an objective standpoint, both groups have elements to support their claims.  when the verdict is reached, i'll be avoiding online forums for a few days because the virtriol will be high and mighty ;)
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