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  before i purchased an iPhone 3GS back in June 2009, i had a cellphone from the Sony Ericsson K700 family of products (in fact, i still have it stored in a box someplace).  and, yes, the apps (or more accurately: common phone functions, games and other things) on the K700 were arranged in tiles.
    i suspect the argument goes if you remove the physical keypad from the Sony phone, the form factor and user interface has resemblance to today's smartphones.  perhaps the lawyers for Samsung are stating the current set of smartphones are an evolution of and/or inspired by products from years past.
  what is / was about Keller that made you state such a thing?  i'm not familiar with his conduct.
  read the entire post from which you responded; its latter half answers your question.
that form factor (of the alleged new iPhone) looks great.  i never saw an issue with a large(r) screen especially having used Samsung Galaxy smartphones in the past.
    it started years ago and continues to persist.  regardless of your world-view, the reality is Apple makes fantastic products that appeals to many people and its competitors make great devices as well.
    regardless of form factor, there's a very high likelihood my next mobile phone will be the next iteration of the iPhone.  my current iPhone 3GS has been working great since 2009, despite the few instances requiring me to reboot the device.
    yes.  you've pretty much encapsulated what some people do; this includes enthusiasts from a variety of groups including Apple fans.   in regard to the patent, i agree it's silly but it's been granted (for good or bad).  if the situation ever arises, the onus is on Apple to prove a given implementation, at the software level, is a copy in the event of alleged patent infringement.
  in regard the particular patent i highlighted, we have   " ... The invention relates, in another embodiment, to a computer implemented method. The method includes receiving multiple touches on the surface of a transparent touch screen at the same time. The method also includes separately recognizing each of the multiple touches. The method further includes reporting touch data based on the recognized multiple touches.   ... The invention relates, in another embodiment,...
    that patent link i referenced came from http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/10/10/30/apple_countersues_motorola_over_multi_touch_iphone_patents.html   if you are aware of the specifics of the Apple-Motorola case, in which Posner is referring to, that would assist in this discussion
New Posts  All Forums: