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  - design of the PS3 started in early 2001 and hardware specification finalised in 2005; playback of 1080p of content is much less compute intensive for non-interactive media than it is for games, as an example.   - DirectX is a proprietary API developed by Microsoft to run on Windows OS and AMD/Intel hardware, none of which exist and/or run in the PS3.   - there is much more than just the God of War franchise.  here's one...
    whatever Google and Asus provides won't be competing in the same market as the Apple iPad.  Apple has defined its own market and the only competition it has is its former self.  if history repeats itself the iPad will only get better.   as for your insult, i'll just take the high road and let others judge.
    i, too, would appreciate a sincere and honest answer to this question.
  no.   i didn't think it was Samsung because, at the time of reporting, there was nothing to indicate it was Samsung.
  it proves, once again, that several fanatics of Apple products were wrong (and fail to admit it).
assuming that totally arbitrary number you threw out there (i.e., 30K), includes other costs aside from salary.what you are referring to is the Consumer Products & Services division of Sony, not the PlayStation sector. the Consumer Products & Services division includes television, home video, home audio, digital imaging, PC, gaming (the PlayStation brand), and mobile products, along with networked services. the PlayStation brand is profitatable; what's taking a huge hit...
the entire article is, in fact, newsworthy. i doubt most people, here, knew how security firms track down and ultimately eliminate threats. the Forbes article gives some insight into the legitimate tactics deployed by Dr Web and other security firms.while i agree the assumption is a bit arrogant, the bigger picture is people shouldn't necessarily be equally as arrogant to dismiss the notion that OS X can be victims of certain kinds of digital threats.
those servers were used to attract botnet attacks. it's like catching living specimens in a test lab so you have a controlled environment with which to study them. some botnet attacks thrive on live hosts in a peer-to-peer environment. if you purposely join the environment (in hopes of fooling everyone that you're just a innocent target of the trojan), you can quietly remain infected while you diagnose the problem and kill the trojan.
... which leads me to believe the Gartner sample population is much, much more varied by several orders of magnitude.anyways, two thirds market share for the Apple iPad, in the tablet arena, is pretty good!
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