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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Catch my breath...) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! MICROSNOT can have my Mac when they pry it from my cold, dead hands. First they wanted iPods for Zunes, then iPads for Surface and now THIS? That company has absolutely NO moral compass and no business sense. If they didn't have PC users over a barrel, they'd go broke. And truth be told, PC owners aren't really over a barrel. They could use a flavor of Linux and wave goodbye to MS. My dad worked for IBM for...
My App Store still says "Mavericks." Wish Apple would update the App Store while announcing, so that what they announce is available after the presentation.
Well, I bought one of those "failures". When the 5c came out, I was happy to see the colors again. I had a couple of the original iMacs in blue and sage and have missed the brighter colored devices. When I found out it was $100 cheaper, that meant that I could get a phone with more storage. I love my blue 5c and will hate to trade it in when the contract is up.
So when do we get Siri for Mac? The speech recognition and dictation on the Mac is woefully behind the iPhone/iPad. The main thing that's missing is the "give and take" of Siri's interaction. The Mac's current system only allows for a single command without the ability that Siri has to query for more information. The only advantage of the Mac's system is that it is extensible via AppleScript. Any word on this? Rumors even?
I don't have any problems with the remote, how far away are you using it? The next room?
Why can't you do a "mass change on podcasts?" I can still edit them. And you might have trouble reordering a smart playlist, but if you are talking about a manual playlist, the only thing that would prevent it is if you have shuffle on. You can still drag and drop to reorder tracks.
It has said 9/20 delivery ever since I ordered it last Friday. And late last night, around 3am, it finally flipped to "shipped." The tracking info says it was shipped on the 17th. It left Louisville, Ky at 12:30 eastern time today, so I figure it will get here late tonight and show up on my doorstep tomorrow as scheduled. I AM SO PSYCHED!
I believe the iPad/iPhone versions of the iWork apps are a free download now, yes.
I don't know how many iPhones they will sell this weekend, but I wonder if they can deliver what they sell. I bought. 5c last Friday and my order still says "preparing for shipment," not "shipped." I haven't done a preorder like this, is that normal? Do they overnight them? Or is it one of those situations where the shipment arrives before the web site updates? Just curious.
I honestly had more problems updating my iTunes to 11.1 than I did my iDevices to iOS 7. I kept getting 353 byte files that wouldn't mount. Finally Dave Hamilton at The Mac Obvserver sent me a good DMG and I was able to install it. I was more interested in iRadio. LOL.   But I did manage to get my iPad 2 and mini updated and my Dad's iPad and iPhone 4. I didn't bother with my iPhone 4, since my 5c is supposed be here Friday.
New Posts  All Forums: