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No one, the judge used common sense.
No, the Apple coined the term "world phone" into meaning it had to have two types of connect when it only needs one.   All the large mobile network company's are using 800Mhz (Deutsch Telekom, French Telecom, Vodafone, Telefonica)
The iPhone 4 does support more then half the worlds 3G. Look how many networks are within the quad-band, the majority of them.
  You only need Quad-Band GSM/UTMS to be a world phone. CDMA/SCDMA roaming dosen't really exist, and the iPhone dosen't support CDMA roaming. The "world phone" new feature was just a marketing scheme by Apple, it does not affect the roaming capabilities compared to the 4.   Most the world is using the 800Mhz band for LTE, however world-wide LTE devices will not be compatible with US LTE networks, but thats not surprising since the US deviates from standards.
You do realise there is already GSM networks in China? So this wont allow you to roam into any more countries, exactly the same that happened between the 4 and 4S.  The amount of research that AppleInsider does into mobile technology is incredible (not).
Huh? I was using that link to back me up, they don't exist but some do. However they are usually invalidated if brought to court, alot of them have been invalidated recently. 
This is why I'm glad software patents dont exist in Europe.
I don't see how this is anything new. Outside of the US, company's sell the exact same phone and exact same name on all networks. Its just due to the US's fragmentation that this never happened in the US, and un-surprisingly Samsung has had to make 4 variants for the US, yet they have 1 version for the ROW.
This is an American company trying to force false terminology onto countries where the right terminology exist. In the UK we don't consider HSPA+ to be 4G, we don't even consider DC-HSPA 3G despite the fact it gets near-same-speeds as LTE. Some of us don't consider LTE to be 4G, and it isn't 4G. I only consider LTE-Advanced to be true 4G. I know in the UK the ONLY phone I know of that ever mentioned what speeds it could connect to is the iPhone 3G, we don't call phones...
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