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You know you can password protect iWeb sites from within the app, right? In inspector, click on the .mac logo and then password.
This is probably off topic...but I plunked down my $80 (plus shipping, mind you) for iLife and iWork, and ponied up for overnight shipping. iLife showed up last week and it's about what I expected. For reasons that seem odd to me, iWork shipped under separate cover, a day later. For FedEx shows up with a very light box today. Really light. As it turns out, completely empty except for a shipping slip. I call and get put on hold for 5 minutes and then am told that a new...
The Safari on Windows things seems....odd. I was excited for a few minutes when I thought I might be able to run the new EA titles on my G5 2.0 dual. Oooops. Intel only. Bleeah. I thought we'd get a bit more, like the status of iWork...very odd.
Delete me from the waiting list. A 1.83 gHz Mini with 2GB of RAM is enroute. So, undoubtedly, Apple will introduce something next week that will even make your children behave.
I'm buying one Saturday, so a new one will ship in a couple of weeks.
Gee, Steve really didn't look himself today.
Uh....no. Really, really bad idea. Here's why — satellite radio (and TV) are clumsy, interim technologies. Why would Steve Jobs ever get Apple involved in something like that? Wi-Max is coming — and it (or something like it) is the future of what we now call broadcasting — as audio and video will be deleivered everywhere, cars, portables and home, wirelessly, but with nearly infinite choice options. Like cellphones/broadband, users will have to pay for the...
My own guess is this: No bundling, but iWork and iLife's feature set will be enhanced by Leopard. Sure, they'll run under 10.4.x and earlier, but the cool, need to have it new feature 'X' will only work with Leopard. Microsoft has gotten away with this sort of thing in the past and it makes sense for Apple to push its user base to upgrade OS — especially since it seems to have some interesting, cool secret features.
The lack of an interim update of the Mini — basically a processor change — seems odd to me. I don;t want to have to wait for summer and Santa Rosa, which will admittedly be a damn quick, powerful little machine. I literally have the cash in hand, but am waiting, because I don't want to spend more money for product that will be obsolete (hint, I own a PM G5 2.0 dual).
Spring starts when Steve says it does. So if he says August, please adjust your RDF accordingly. That is all.
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