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 Pages lost its DTP functionality when they dumped the old code and used the iOS code as a base. iWork '09 Pages (v4.3) was brilliant. Highly usable as both a WP and light DTP app. I could crank out documents rapidly. Now I can create simple word processing documents okay, but without linked text boxes I can no longer use the current version of Pages for the vast majority of what I used it for. I have InDesign, but it's overkill for most of my needs. Unfortunately, the...
 Hopefully it'll be offered as part of HUP. As an enterprise customer, I can get Office for $10 (which is about all it's worth to me).
I imagine if you're willing to pay for Yahoo Mail, you could set up access via POP (assuming you still need a paid account for that). I don't use free webmail services, but I have hotmail set up for my child and he's using my iPhone 3G which is stuck on 4.2.1. Wonder if Microsoft will kill support for older devices too soon.
 Yes, but again, this isn't really using your Apple TV - there are plenty of apps for iOS that will playback content which can then be AirPlayed to an Apple TV. It works, but isn't ideal. I want a native app running on my AppleTV so that I don't have to kill the battery in my iPhone watching content. Likewise, I can use Plex on my iOS device to AirPlay content to my Apple TV. It works, but it still requires my iPhone to be charged and tied up pushing video. A native Plex...
 I'm not buying this idea of a touch/touchscreen remote. That will add significant cost, and there's already an AppleTV remote with a touchscreen. How many AppleTV owners do you suppose don't already have an iOS device? When I need a more functional remote (selecting music, using a keyboard to enter text) I use my iPhone. However, most of the time I use a Harmony remote to control my AppleTV. I don't want to have another remote control.
 What I find curious about this is that I've never been the least bit bothered by the spell check in OSX. On the contrary, having a system-wide spell check is one of zillions of reasons I find OSX to be superior to Windows.
 No, that's not what I meant, although the hack that allows it to run on an unbroken AppleTV is still a hack. It replaces the built-in Trailers app by using a proxy server to intercept calls to Apple's servers. However, my point was more that, since much of the legwork is already in-place (both because of this hack, and because an iOS app already exists), I'd be surprised if Plex wasn't one of the first media apps released for the new AppleTV platform. It was out very...
 Oh it's coming. As soon as there's an update that allows third-party apps on the AppleTV, Plex will come. It'll be right there next to Candy Crush and twenty crappy Flappy Bird clones. Keep in mind that Plex is already available for AppleTV. 
 Yeah, looks like this just gives you a folder-based hierarchy of content, and no metadata. It also appears that it doesn't really support the AppleTV - merely you can airplay content to it from an iOS device. I'm glad it works for you, and certainly this is a better solution than when I had my first-gen AppleTV where I would have to manually transcode content into the specific format and container it would accept, but I'll stick with Plex.
 That would make me very happy indeed! ;-) (and yes, I know this was a joke)
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