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 Oh it's coming. As soon as there's an update that allows third-party apps on the AppleTV, Plex will come. It'll be right there next to Candy Crush and twenty crappy Flappy Bird clones. Keep in mind that Plex is already available for AppleTV. 
 Yeah, looks like this just gives you a folder-based hierarchy of content, and no metadata. It also appears that it doesn't really support the AppleTV - merely you can airplay content to it from an iOS device. I'm glad it works for you, and certainly this is a better solution than when I had my first-gen AppleTV where I would have to manually transcode content into the specific format and container it would accept, but I'll stick with Plex.
 That would make me very happy indeed! ;-) (and yes, I know this was a joke)
 I'll have to check this out. One of the great things about Plex is its great interface. A lot of the client/server approaches are nothing more than basic DLNA services that let you browse folder hierarchies with no metadata nor, more importantly, the ability to track watched vs unwatched or where you've left off on partially watched content. If AirVideo doesn't have this functionality, then it's not useful to me. Plex has brilliant support for metadata, organization, and...
 I'm guessing they want something similar to the Fire TV but that will run current iOS apps without much modification. That's what I want too. Basically I want the current AppleTV but with support for Plex. Then I will be very happy :)
 I'd call an updated display exactly the sort of product you'd see at a developer-focused show. As a software developer myself, I find having multiple large high-resolution screens critical to doing my job.
 Seems to be a common theme with these things. When I had phone service through Comcast (and had to use their equipment), their stupid router/bridge combo thingie required restarts nearly every week. Once I switched my home phone to a Skype/FreeTalk setup I dropped their router and bought my own bridge and connected it to an Airport Extreme. It's been rock solid and never requires a restart (well, aside from needing to be restarted with...
 I'm glad you mentioned this. I run Windows for work (in a VM on my Mac) and am always connected to my company VPN. Apparently our network has been blocking Office updates (presumably so our IT folk can control which updates are pushed out to company-issued PCs). I disconnected from VPN and ran the Office update manually. I was behind several updates. I now have Skype for Business. I wonder if it will suck less than Lync :) Thanks again!
I beg to differ. Conferencing works, but its sharing tools are abysmal in comparison to every.other.conferencing.system.I.have.ever.used, and not once has the "call me" functionality worked. Granted this may be a configuration issue, but our internally developed conferencing system has this functionality and it works 99% of the time.
If I remember, WebEx is Java based. I love developing in Java for server-side applications, but it can be painfully slow to use for front-end applications. 
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