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 I'd call an updated display exactly the sort of product you'd see at a developer-focused show. As a software developer myself, I find having multiple large high-resolution screens critical to doing my job.
 Seems to be a common theme with these things. When I had phone service through Comcast (and had to use their equipment), their stupid router/bridge combo thingie required restarts nearly every week. Once I switched my home phone to a Skype/FreeTalk setup I dropped their router and bought my own bridge and connected it to an Airport Extreme. It's been rock solid and never requires a restart (well, aside from needing to be restarted with...
 I'm glad you mentioned this. I run Windows for work (in a VM on my Mac) and am always connected to my company VPN. Apparently our network has been blocking Office updates (presumably so our IT folk can control which updates are pushed out to company-issued PCs). I disconnected from VPN and ran the Office update manually. I was behind several updates. I now have Skype for Business. I wonder if it will suck less than Lync :) Thanks again!
I beg to differ. Conferencing works, but its sharing tools are abysmal in comparison to every.other.conferencing.system.I.have.ever.used, and not once has the "call me" functionality worked. Granted this may be a configuration issue, but our internally developed conferencing system has this functionality and it works 99% of the time.
If I remember, WebEx is Java based. I love developing in Java for server-side applications, but it can be painfully slow to use for front-end applications. 
 My company has adopted Lync as our corporate messaging solution. What a festering pile of crap. Works fine for instant messaging, but the meeting functionality is abysmal and its VoIP functionality works about 10% of the time. Compare that to Skype (which I use for my home VoIP solution) which works great, certainly because Microsoft bought it rather than created it. Good job Microsoft - because we need yet another one of your crappy communication tools.
 Does it speak SQL yet? That was my biggest beef when I last played with it (granted that was probably around FM 8).
I just want apps. In fact I don't even need multiple apps. Just give me Plex and I'll be all over it.
 Oh yeah. I remember using one of those for a short time. I liked it because you could adjust the angle. I remember when Microsoft came out with their "natural" keyboard a year later (being surprise, once again they tried to copy Apple and failed); I tried it and thought there was absolutely nothing natural about it because the angle of its pivot was so great it hurt my wrists.
New Posts  All Forums: