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 My company has adopted Lync as our corporate messaging solution. What a festering pile of crap. Works fine for instant messaging, but the meeting functionality is abysmal and its VoIP functionality works about 10% of the time. Compare that to Skype (which I use for my home VoIP solution) which works great, certainly because Microsoft bought it rather than created it. Good job Microsoft - because we need yet another one of your crappy communication tools.
 Does it speak SQL yet? That was my biggest beef when I last played with it (granted that was probably around FM 8).
I just want apps. In fact I don't even need multiple apps. Just give me Plex and I'll be all over it.
 Oh yeah. I remember using one of those for a short time. I liked it because you could adjust the angle. I remember when Microsoft came out with their "natural" keyboard a year later (being surprise, once again they tried to copy Apple and failed); I tried it and thought there was absolutely nothing natural about it because the angle of its pivot was so great it hurt my wrists.
 Yes, this. I've just in the past few days performed a clean install of Yosemite and installed a few apps. As I look, the kernel alone is using almost 6gb of RAM. I've got SSDs in both of my Macs (early-2011 MBP and mid-2011 Mac Mini) and they scream, but performance was pathetic when the swap lived on a HDD. The downside to swapping on a SSD is that the constant rewrites will (in theory) drastically reduce its life. I recently upgraded the Mini with 16gb of RAM (largely...
 Funny thing is, that reminds me of the Windows 10 announcement a month or so back. When they'd switch the camera view out to the auditorium, at least 3/4ths of the laptops had glowing Apple logos. Oh the irony... (Also worth noting is that at least half those attending appeared to be falling asleep).
 True - I guess I made it sound like they were all carrying Zunes. I should qualify that to say that I still saw mostly iPods, but I would always see several disheveled nerdboys carrying Zunes when they'd get off at Redmond. I thought it was good they took that much pride in their company, but then again, these are the same nerds that I'd always see out at lunch with their blue badges prominently displayed as if the rest of the world would worship them for ruining the...
 Isn't that funny? I used to take the 253 to work (back when my office was in Redmond) and I saw all sorts of minions with their Zunes. I never once saw one in the wild, other than on that bus.
 Indeed, that's true. I think I used an English iBook once, but that would be ages ago and I don't recall its layout. Most of my British keyboarding was at the old EasyEverything Internet cafes back when I used to travel to the UK a couple of times a year. It's been nearly ten years now since I've been over and I'm sure those Internet cafes are probably long gone now (I used to go mostly to the one near Victoria Station), but they were all using Windows PCs. Great places...
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