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I work for one of the largest corporations in the world. Surprisingly, they don't do anything to block access to network services, but they don't necessarily encourage other platforms either. I work on a team of 23 people. The company provides Dell or HP laptops running XP or Vista (Windows 7 is still being 'evaluated'). These laptops would cost a normal human about $600, but for some reason my company leases them instead. We pay about $150/month (if memory serves) over...
That's not how I do it... (At least this works in Pages): Stay in pages File->Duplicate Edit File->Save a version Enter new filename While it's certainly confusing at first (because it's different), now that I'm used to it I actually think it's a bit easier than the old way.Open Recent, yes. Save As... No, at least not in the Lion-aware apps I use (iWork). Save As has been replaced with Duplicate. The end result is the same thing, only Save As requires you to give it a...
I didn't notice any increased battery life when I put the 5400rpm drive in (that was one of the concerns I had read about with the faster drives). I also didn't notice any perceptible noise with the 7200rpm drive. Then again, the first-generation MBP had plenty of other noises that might have covered up the sound of the hard drive anyway That was my thought. I also use the optical drive about three times a year. For those circumstances I picked up an external case for the...
I'm inclined to agree. FWIW, I did a lot of reading up on 5400 vs 7200rpm drives when I decided to upgrade my first-generation MBP with a larger drive. I'd originally paid extra for the 7200rpm 100gb drive, and when I ran out of room bought a 5400rpm 640gb drive because so many people had said there wouldn't be a discernible difference in speed. Those so many people were wrong. My machine felt like molasses had been poured inside... This time around I did it right - I...
You have 15 days to exchange it, so why not? Now if there's a restocking fee involved, I probably wouldn't bother. You won't notice the extra 100mhz, and for less money you can upgrade the hard drive yourself to not only have the 500gb of storage, but with a 7200rpm drive (which, believe me, you *will* notice).
LOL - that's exactly what I was thinking of when I read these upgrades were coming (although mine is the top-of-the-line 15", which I didn't really want but it was the only way to get the matte, high-res display in-store).
Yep - I upgraded my early-2011 rev to 8gb for about $45 via NewEgg. Apple's memory upgrades are no longer the ludicrous prices they used to be, but they are still unreasonable for anyone who feels comfortable turning a couple of screws on the bottom of their machines!
...and I am annoyed and depressed with all the details coming out in advance of the book's release. I get that this is news and that AI wants to report on this, but I'd kinda like to read the book without feeling like I'm going into a movie knowing how it's going to end, in a manner of speaking.
Oops - I totally missed that. I guess I glanced over the release notes just to see what the focus areas were!
11C73 was never indicated as the GM build, but you're right, it is odd unless the change from 11C73 to 11C74 involved something so minor they didn't feel beta testing was necessary.
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