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11C73 was never indicated as the GM build, but you're right, it is odd unless the change from 11C73 to 11C74 involved something so minor they didn't feel beta testing was necessary.
Probably a question better asked on the developer/appleseed forums. With iOS 5 out today the NDA may no longer be a factor, then again, it might be
BTW, here's another article showing another way to do it (this worked great for me on my early 2011 MBP). Beware that installing OS updates can reverse this (I just ran system profiler and see that TRIM is again not enabled). http://www.mactrast.com/2011/07/how-...-in-os-x-lion/
I hope not - I have an older 80gb Classic and it complements my 32gb iPhone quite well. Until I can fit the bulk of my collection onto a single device, I still want something with plenty of storage!
I didn't see this post as 'being a dick' - I saw it as pointing out why those who have been bitching about the cost of goods going up as being dicks.
Absolutely - I didn't understand the huge backlash. Most of us have been getting away with effectively paying $2/month for unlimited streaming of content - far less than that service's value, and now people bitch because the cost is going up to what we probably should have been paying in the first place. If you're so pissed off, dump Netflix, pay for Amazon Prime (which I was happy to do before they offered unlimited streaming as part of the service), and use that instead....
I'm sure their thinking was that if they split the brands, then charging for each separately will look better to consumers: "Look, we're not doubling your charge, we're splitting it into two separate charges." The selection seems to change almost daily, but I generally find plenty of choices. You don't really expect a huge selection of newly released films for what they charge, do you?AOL was fine until it grew too big for itself and before Internet access became...
Parallels and Fusion offer some integration features not found in VirtualBox. My experience with Fusion is pretty old so I can't speak to its features (I found it to be horrendously buggy back in the day, while my experience with Parallels has always been good), but I can speak to some of what Parallels offers... With Parallels you can choose which applications (Windows or Mac) open certain files. If you have Office for Windows but not for Mac, you can tell Parallels to...
Thanks! Surprisingly I do have one. I've used diskutil to force-eject drives before, but didn't think to use it to list partitions. I assumed it would show the same thing as Disk Utility, but it must be a 'hidden' partition that the GUI doesn't show.
That's excellent news. I performed a clean install of Lion onto a new SSD (after moving the internal drive into a Data Doubler), and it doesn't appear to have installed a recovery partition. I suppose it's somewhat superfluous as I booted from a thumb drive to install Lion in the first place. I could simply boot off it again to run the diagnostics tools if ever I had a need to. Still, I'm glad to see Apple adding this kind of support to 'older' hardware
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