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It's not through OWC (unless they've started carrying these too); it's from MCE Tech.
I found this link on the Apple Support forums. Apparently the answer is yes, SATA III is supported.
My bad - I'm remembering a review of the early MBP (the machine I'm still using!) suggesting that the bezel needed to come down a few mm to make room for the camera, and that Apple was therefor eliminating a corresponding number of pixels to compensate. Perhaps this was simply speculation at the time.Oh I agree. This machine's display is gorgeous and blows away most other laptops I've seen. When traveling with the girlfriend, we always choose this machine for movies over...
Nah, I'm right there too. The 15" MBP resolution hasn't changed since the days of the 15" PowerBook (in fact, it actually lost some real estate to make room for the camera). It's crazy that, for the price of these laptops, Apple isn't throwing us a bone and giving us a decent screen resolution comparable with that of similarly-priced (non-Apple) laptops. That said, Apple must know what they're doing, because I'm about to pay the extra $100 for the hi-res screen
The U2 iPod and 20th anniversary Macintosh might be seen as designer. Didn't they do a Harry Potter limited edition iPod too? Or was that a third party...? But no, I don't see models with extra bling...
Good to know! That'll cost me more money then . I'm also hoping for the 7200rpm option. I believed the reports that said a 5400rpm 640gb drive wouldn't be slower than the 100gb 7200rpm drive that was shipped with my MBP. The reports were very wrong!
That's what I'm looking at as well - but I imagine that would violate AppleCare unless you let them (or another authorised shop) do the installation...
Woah - were you able to get the hi-res screen in the store?? I thought that was a BTO-only option. I'm hoping I'll get lucky - I'm in Portland this weekend and can save on sales tax Also, I'm looking at the 1gb VRAM option as I read somewhere the card in the lesser model is worthless. Anyone have an opinion on that?
Perhaps these rumours of a SSD boot volume are true. Lion will support a boot partition separate from the files and applications. This partition would not be encrypted. And, as a separate partition, it could live anywhere - a separate partition on the same physical disk as the data, or, on a different physical disk (SSD or spinning).
My 2006 MBP (1st gen) is Core Duo. It's finally being replaced this weekend
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