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 That's actually the one I've used the most. I've found the hash key where the single/double quote key is here in the states (next to return).
 It's been okay for me on both of my Macs.
 My keyboard has most of those. Function plus left=home, right=end, up=PageUp, down=PageDown. I can't understand the need for a hardware PrtScrn key. My VM software will emulate one for those rare occasions when I need one. And hash? If you mean '#' then I've yet to see a keyboard that doesn't have one of those somewhere, and I've used quite a few different international versions...
 This is how I have mine set up too. I suppose one could get one of those little things that clips the trackpad to the side of the wireless keyboard. That way you could have the best of both - a keyboard with an attached trackpad but you can choose which side to put the trackpad on.
I'll probably be chastised for asking this, but why still no numeric keypad option? There are plenty of times when I could use that and would prefer not to have a wired keyboard, or to pay another $40 for a separate bluetooth numeric keypad.
 Thanks, but I'm quite familiar with the setup I need. Basically I need a Windows environment that I can VPN out of and install corporate apps on. My company issues HP or Dell laptops, but I choose not to use them because I don't want to have to have one machine for work and another machine for play. With Windows running in a VM, I can carry my personal laptop with me and get my 'work' done as well as my non-work stuff. Plus, having my VPN session contained within the VM...
 I've used VirtualBox on Linux hosts to run some corporate Windows apps, and that's certainly an option on the Mac, but when I've looked at performance charts, VirtualBox performs miserably for the kinds of tasks I care about (file transfer speeds are abysmal, for example, which tells me launching of apps and running development tools, including large project compilations, would likely be unsatisfactory). Still, it's worth looking into considering the cost, or lack thereof :)
 I've been using Parallels since v3 and have never had any issues with the various VPN clients I've used (Nortel, Cisco, and AT&T). That said, I'm likely switching to Fusion this time around because I'm tired of paying Parallels $100/year for updates ($50 per Mac - VMWare's licenses are, allegedly, good for up to three machines). Also, who uses Boot Camp? The only fathomable reason I can think of is gaming...
 My big beef with iTunes Radio is that it seems almost as repetitive as Seattle's horrid terrestrial radio (okay, I'm sure it's not just Seattle). I really enjoyed iTunes Radio at first but got turned off when my stations kept playing the same songs over and over again. I just revisited last week after nearly a year away from it (largely because I finally upgraded my 1st-Gen AppleTV to a current 3rd-Gen which supports it) and found it was still playing the same rotation of...
 You should be seeing an invite soon if you don't already have one.
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