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 I've always wondered why they have the speakers placed for portrait orientation. How many of us watch videos without rotating to landscape? Nobody? Yeah, that's what I thought :)
To take advantage of this exclusive offer, you must follow these simple steps:   1)Make sure your you're using a browser with cookies enabled that isn't in private mode.   There, I fixed it for you.
 Oh I tend to disagree, I think it'll be a dog. We'll see though; perhaps the chips that come around in a few generations tailored for desktop use will be more powerful then I imagine them to be. I'm not personally expecting them to be much better than the equivalent of an Atom. If this story is true, however, I hope you're right and I'm wrong!
 No it didn't actually. It ran emulated Windows. There's a big difference. Emulating a processor takes a huge performance hit, while virtualizing one does not. Trying to run a modern Windows environment with the Intel chipset emulated on an AX processor would be a horrible exercise. My company gives us Windows laptops. I choose not to use one. I like running Windows 7 virtualized on my Mac Mini where I can contain my VPN session inside the VM, still having access to the...
Oh so did I. But that was when I upgraded from a DPC550 to a Nokia 6162. I haven't played Snake since I then upgraded to the Siemens S46 (although its games were rubbish in comparison to Snake!).
 I completely agree. Most teens want to be seen with a cool device like an iPhone or (arguably) a Galaxy. "Your BlackBerry is so cool!" ...said nobody (in the past couple of years) who is under 30 years old.
In other news, Nokia attempts to invigorate sales of its lagging Windows Phone platform by reintroducing "Snake".
Oh I realize that, but not knowing for sure which apps might be misbehaving and causing extra battery drain, I just got in the habit of killing them all before going out on a run.
Curious - I tend to kill off all my apps and use MapMyRide to track my workout and use the Music app to listen to music. I used to use Spotify to stream, but found that killed off the battery faster (sometimes I do use Spotify, but only to listen to a playlist that has been downloaded). Two-to-three hours and I'm down to 20%.
Likewise, I cycle and run always have my phone with me. However, I can't run more than about eight miles with my phone's GPS enabled before I'm about out of battery. More than 40-50 miles on my bike is out-of-the-question. A dedicated GPS device helps solve the problem of a dead phone battery (which renders it useless for safety). If you look at most high-end GPS fitness watches, they generally run anywhere from $300-500. I doubt this will be much less; certainly it will...
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