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 I don't hate - I bought a computer to do things for me. Sounds like you may have bought a computer to be a rather expensive notebook. No worries. Whatever time you perceive to save by having your computer run faster than mine is more than eaten up by the amount of time taken to switch apps back and forth repeatedly to copy and paste. Really, personal digs aside, each of us has our workflow preferences. However, us Mac users generally spend a lot of money for our computers...
 You're right - you don't need to pay for a password tool. You can store your passwords in a spreadsheet. You know what else? You don't need to use a car to get to work - that costs money and is, in a sense, a third-party tool when compared to your feet which you could use to walk to work. I bought a car because I wanted the convenience and the speed of getting where I want to go. I'm afraid I have to completely agree with macxpress - this sounds like the most cumbersome,...
Because of the solid integration with all browsers, not just Safari, plus the convenience of telling it a site you want to go to and having it launch your browser, navigate to that site, and log you in with a single click. Also secure storage of credit card info (again, this can be used in browsers other than Safari), software licenses, notes, bank account info (I use it to store my account and routing numbers), membership (gym, auto club, etc), as well as multiple...
But... I use a HDMI switcher (cheaper than upgrading my otherwise perfectly good receiver) that will automatically switch to an active HDMI input. I have a blu-ray, HD-DVD, Roku, AppleTV, and a cable box. Neither the Roku nor AppleTV turn off, so I have to manually switch inputs on my switch which I could avoid if either the AppleTV or Roku had a power-off option.
I was able to do that with early Mavericks betas. I haven't tried it with Yosemite but I would be surprised if the latest build of Parallels 9 didn't support Yosemite as a guest OS.
Yeah, that one qualifies according to this article.
On what hardware? I think Nasser was referring to a mention that Handoff requires Bluetooth 4.0/LE which is not available in certain Macs more than two years old (and the list of hardware is somewhat random and arbitrary since late-2011 MacBook Pro models do not have the capability yet my mid-2011 Mac Mini does).
If Handoff is the only feature I'll be missing out on with my early-2011 MBP (my mid-2011 Mac Mini appears to support it), that alone wouldn't have me upgrading. Once I dropped a data doubler in and gave my MBP a SSD boot disk (which has progressed from 120gb to 256gb and now to 750gb alongside its 768gb HDD), my machine runs so fast I can't fathom needing a new machine anytime soon (especially since I sprung for the upgraded HD display).
Doesn't bother me too much, but then I use BusyCal and Fantastical and haven't done a whole lot with the built-in Calendar app in quite some time.
It's been great for me since DP3. DP1 and 2 were a bit of a mess, although the stability has been really good for a major release (unlike 10.8 which gave me constant kernel panics during the first couple of betas). The only real compatibility issue I've run in to is with iWork '09 (which is a real shame, since Pages is still missing some of the page layout features I rely on). Even Parallels (which is notorious for requiring driver updates during major point-zero releases)...
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