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 Also, FWIW, I didn't see the GM downloading in the App Store after redeeming the new code. I had to quit App Store, and then after relaunching it I saw it show up under Purchases as downloading (and yes, it's a 5.29gb file). Now then, when is the Server.app GM going to be released? ;-) EDIT: According to the forums, you don't need to quit and relaunch App Store. Apparently you can CMD-R on the purchases tab. Who knew???
 Log in to the portal and check for a redemption code.
 Aside from one kernel panic around DP2, this has been a rock-solid beta on both the machines I've been testing it on, and I've been using it exclusively for months. I think folks are going to be pleased with Mavericks.
 Personally, I've not used it since I discovered Downcast which I find preferable for managing my podcast subscriptions.
 I've also got a Curve. And for the most part, it does seem somewhat archaic, but unlike the iPhone I can set up message filters based on subject, sender, content, etc and flag those messages and base my notifications on those filters. When I was in operations I set up notification filters so I would be woken up when I received emails that a system was down, but not for the other hundred messages I would get in an evening. I love my iPhone, but there's no easy way to set...
 I doubt it. I'm only guessing here, but I suspect this will be handled the same way it is on the Mac with the iLife suite. The apps will be pre-installed and if you do a full restore, you'll have to re-download the apps from the store (which will check your device to ensure it is eligible to download the apps free of charge). Again, only a guess. With luck I'll find out in a couple of days :)
 It's not tied to the OS - Notes is built-in and always has-been. If you mean Pages, iWork and iMovie come with the new devices. You still have to pay for them if you have an older device.  Because iOS 6 can be jailbroken and unlocked easily, perhaps?  I believe the iPhone 4 is the only device missing features. As I understand it, only the dynamic wallpaper (and, of course, Siri) are not available on the 4. I believe the 4S gets everything.
I'd be pretty happy if Apple would just create customizable notification profiles that I could manually select, much less 'life event' based profiles. I still use a BlackBerry for my work mobile because the iPhone has nowhere near the granularity for notifications.
 I suspect the point was that he's not been using DP8 for months since it just came out today. Personally I've not really seen any issues since about DP3. This has been a rock-solid 10.x.0 release. Will be interesting to see how many point releases it gets before the next geographical name is out :)
 I beg to differ. If you have multiple iOS devices, then why would this need to wait until it's available in OSX too? I'd argue that it's been removed because it didn't work. At least not in iOS. It works really well in Mavericks, but on iOS it keeps asking to authenticate using a passcode or another device. Neither works and so it continues asking to authenticate. And for those hoping it's a replacement for 1Password, it isn't. Not completely. If all you use 1Password for...
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