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 That's what I feared, and the reason why I've continued to stick to Aperture as long as I have (that and the hope that Aperture 4 was on its way).
 This probably sounds somewhat silly (admittedly, it is), but I wasn't arguing which was better - rather I was arguing that just because more people use one over another is not an indication of better. More people use Windows than OS X but I doubt many here (other than the trolls) would argue that makes Windows better. More McDonald's hamburgers are eaten than any others, and we all know theirs are rubbish. There are more cockroaches in the world than people but that...
 True, most of the photographers I know use Lightroom. That in itself doesn't make it better. More people use PowerPoint than Keynote, and that certainly doesn't make PowerPoint better (on the contrary - without exception those who have used both say PowerPoint is a festering pile of crap). I suspect most people use Lightroom because they are already familiar with Photoshop, just as most people use PowerPoint because they are familiar with Microsoft and simply are unaware...
 ^^^^^^ this. I suppose I'll get used to the workflow Lightroom imposes. I just wish I didn't have to.
 Oh I dunno - again, hindsight. Apple had been dropping minor updates over the years adding minor functionality enhancements as recently as late last year. I think that's what kept my hope alive that they hadn't abandoned us completely. I've been on Aperture since 1.0, having attended one of their traveling workshops to introduce the software (back when it was $500). I'm disappointed.
 Why should I have moved a long time ago? I mean, I thought about moving, but I "waited in hope" that Aperture would come up to par soon with Lightroom and I would be able to avoid the pain of migrating a rather large library over and the loss of the unrestricted workflow that Aperture gives you. Yes, in hindsight, I should have moved. But yesterday I had no way of knowing Apple had dropped future development of Aperture.
 That would really surprise me. Photos (like iPhoto) will be targeted at folks taking pictures with their iPhones. While I can see the obvious (and currently missing from iPhoto) features (such as straightening, non-destructive editing, brushes, and some of the color tools) being ported over, I'd be surprised if they could include some of the more advanced features such as organization, stacks, lift & stamp (to name only a few) without confusing people like my mother.
 True, however I am still running Final Cut Express 3.5 without issue. I recently had to do a clean install and it was a PITA because, while the app itself is Universal, the installer is PowerPC. I had to install the content from each disk manually on the command-line. But the application itself still works just as well today as it did in 2006 (under 10.5 Leopard). I'm not saying there aren't architectural changes taking place in OS X that won't obsolete Aperture tomorrow,...
Boo... Although, to be fair, I've thought about moving to Lightroom anyway especially with their new mobile iPad version.   Anyone know how easy it is to migrate one's Aperture library to Lightroom?
I just tried to update and am getting "The item you tried to buy is no longer available"   Since I use Skype as my primary business line, perhaps I should hold off on trying the update again for a bit :)
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