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And yet, you can still go to Virgin Mobile and pay $55 a month for unlimited everything - data, text, and voice.
Sweet, I just put in a pre-order for a Leap for work. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)
"In a report issued to clients on Wednesday, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek..." Speculative fiction writer Peter Misik? That's all I need to read, thanks. I'm done with this fantasy football piece.
4 to 5 hours, from what I've read.
This is why I bought my folks a refurbed Windows box for under $150. Mom got herself an iPad for Christmas, and it wouldn't talk to their PowerPC-era Mini. It also couldn't run modern web browsers or recent builds of Flash. Now iTunes talks to her iPad just fine, and she has it backed up for the first time in eight months.
$%*# Uncle Gene "Apple TV!" Munster, speculative fiction writer (as Mac OS Ken would describe him).
Man, these guys just make me love my Virgin Mobile plan more and more. I'm still grandfathered in to their old plan, so I have unlimited data and 300 minutes of talk on my (kinda crappy Android) smartphone for $25 a month, and no complaints about tethering data. If only I had $600 to drop on an iPhone with them, I would be happier than a pig in slop.
That looks like an interesting expansion of the MagSafe design to me...
$124?!? Anyody know an Apple employee that doesn't plan on using their discount? I'm in the market for an iPad...
"iPad Mini" = iPod Touch. I've been saying that for a while.   Also, I placed an order for an Air for work late last week. I just got a notice from Apple today that shipping will be delayed until the 13th. Woo.
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