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$124?!? Anyody know an Apple employee that doesn't plan on using their discount? I'm in the market for an iPad...
"iPad Mini" = iPod Touch. I've been saying that for a while.   Also, I placed an order for an Air for work late last week. I just got a notice from Apple today that shipping will be delayed until the 13th. Woo.
The interface isn't a problem as far as I'm concerned. The blocks appear to be labeled well enough and easily recognizable; it's just a matter of the user deciding what goes where, and getting used to the positioning. I'm sure you did the same thing with your phone; I know I did with mine. 
I'm sick of hearing Ben's wishes and dreams for new product being trotted out as discussion of an upcoming product. The other analyst with the stiffy for an Apple TV as well. Tired of wild-eyed speculation that people read as analysis of future product. I'm getting really tired of sites that give these market fixers page space as well.
Buying opportunity!
I'm still waiting on VM to get the iPhone in the States. They've had it in Canada for a while now.
I got a MacBook Pro for work. Lugged it home every night for a year. Then I got an iPad (version 1) for testing and development. Now I take the iPad home every night during the week, and leave the laptop docked at work.
It's just you. Serifs, different thicknesses of the lines...
(And ladies... not to offend...) Nobody has commented on the code name for the voice system? Majel Barrett-Roddenberry... Gene Roddenberry's wife? The voice of TNG Enterprise's computer system? I am disappoint...
So they're being sued because... they can connect to the phone network and place a call?
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