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I was just doing some poking about for sim-only offers, and found GiffGaff. I would be on that service in a heartbeat if they offered it in the States. $16 for 250 minutes talk and unlimited data? That's all I need.
Tried to sign up, and their service doesn't support Safari... \
Last week? It was all documented last YEAR... when Congress asked Apple to explain data retention on the iPhone. Or SEVERAL YEARS ago... when Apple documented the process at WWDC. Nothing more than a fishing expedition for fun and profit, to avoid the hard work of fixing the country, getting us out of debt, and bringing our GIs home.
You want us to believe that a 12 year old - or even a 9 year old - wouldn't understand that when something says "Buy this for $x" that it would actually cost money?
Interesting report here about smartphone market share: http://mashable.com/2011/02/01/niels...e-marketshare/ If you look at that graph, Gartner might be on to something. For all the push Apple's gotten, they haven't increased market share in the last year or so. I know that for as big an Apple fanboy as I am, I'm toting an Android phone..
I asked the boss if I could go, and he was actually looking into it! I had no idea it would sell out *that* fast.
I do. And so does the US government: "Japan has pledged more than $1.5 million in private donations. The government of Japan has donated $200,000 in cash to the American Red Cross and some $800,000 in relief supplies -- from blankets to generators -- already are arriving to aid the most needy. Japanese firms with operations in the United States have donated some $12 million in total, including Honda Motor Corporation ($5 million), Hitachi ($1 million) and Nissan (more than...
I finally pulled the trigger on a pre-paid Android smartphone last week, and now there's talk of a cheap / pre-paid iPhone? Well, they'll have to get it down to $25 a month to get me really upset, I guess. Otherwise, I'm good with my unlimited data plan and 300 minutes.
Sure... if there was a second company that was a challenge for market share.
Because there's nothing to use as an alternate for rebelling. ALL the major cellcos have the same over-the-coals pricing plans. Pre-paid / pay-as-you-go providers are creeping up on those pricing plans as well. Virgin Mobile is the only PP service I've found in my part of the States that has anything resembling a reasonable pricing structure for services. This is why I've stayed with them for the past several years, and why I am now going to get an Android phone through...
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