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My guess is Apple is giving the high-end stores that will carry the watches exclusive or at least wider options hand picked by them as a premium for their clientele that better reflects the stores and their customers
It's safe to say Pebble is officially over. $300 for the Pebble Steel when you can get a Sport for $350? Anyone would be nuts to go for the Pebble in that option, even if you own an Android Phone. And it only gets worse. Next year, the price goes down on the previous generation which would still be far better than a Pebble could ever hope to be and it continues to snowball. Android is in far better shape as the technology developed for Apple's watch and Android wear will...
Exactly. The hands spin in a circle. It's essence is a circle, form follows function. Owning a spin in a circle clock today is strictly fashion. Sure it tells time but the quaint hokey aspect of it now is more akin as women wearing earrings or lipstick. Mens tties or collecting stamps, building boats in a bottle. Civil war reenactments.just because we have cars, doesn't mean it's not cool to ride in a horse and carriage at a street fair. The use and value is still there,...
How hokey does the traditional watch look next to the Apple watch? I think we have turned the corner. Today's watches are now just a novelty, ...expensive or otherwise. Really smart of Apple to expose the watches by they themselves at their own stores rather than a retailer who could care less if the sold a Pebble or Moto 360 or a Timex, and be knowledgeable of none.
Most other offerings are about 100 dollars less. It seems a no-brainer to go with the Apple Watch instead of the mess offered by others. I couldn't see anyone choosing another smartwatch or fitness band over the Apple Watch.
love Spotify, and other than maybe an internet apocalypse, there in no better way to access and listen to music..as a consumer. My bomb shelter has physical copies in both hand crank and braille.  For musicians I think it can work for them too, they have gone through many format changes and survived. They will make it through. This is far better than piracy, which this significantly minimizes. The music is streaming through the internet, paid for or not.
Hell yes. This demo loves their toys. They work hard and play harder. Don't be such a snob
I think a huge demographic underrepresented is the contractor work/outdoor demo with a rugged edition. Scratch proof liquid metal case, sapphire screen and rugged leather or high performance straps. I really think the blue collar work force/outdoor demo is one that could truly see the benefits most. The selling point is simple. Go about your daily activities but keep your phone in your pocket. Great product for wives and girlfriends to gift their men for holidays and...
Point taken. And if people such as yourself are as passionate about round, there may be one as some point
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