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The more we hear about android security flaws, the more its image may be irrecoverably tarnished to give way for MS or someone else to have a second shot as a viable alternative to the duopoly we have now. I wish nothing but the best for android but it is still difficult for anyone to ignore as we all put more and more dependence on smartphones as our main computers.
I try not to go overboard with these type of claims but my girlfriend loves her Note 5 but now I am planning on accidentally breaking it and replacing it with an iPhone 6 to make amends. Not because I'm paranoid or anything...
The home button is not going away any time soon. It may not remain a physical mechanical button at some point, but it is just too nice of a feature to go away.
I don't listen to country music, but that is a pretty nice ad.
I don't know, an iOS notebook for education as a sort of training wheels or gateway to a Mac for those who need more power. Could be a possibility margins wise.
Besides legacy apps and enterprise, where is Windows heading? Have you looked at the Windows apps store lately? Android is merging chrome for a reason. Chrome is going nowhere without developers and iOS owns tablet and phone developers, soon tv development. It needed to act quickly. And it's still viable compared to Windows. Windows will soon exist solely as an enterprise company, which won't be too bad. There is still a lot of money in enterprise. But Apple and IBM have...
If the margins were there, Apple would jump on an education iOS solution making Chromebooks obsolete. Which is why I imagine Google is folding the two. To create a more functional product with active developers and an ecosystem. I grant you that Apple could fumble the opportunity and allow Android to take it whenever it gets its new OS ready in 2017
Windows is a dead end with no developer enthusiasm but for legacy players and enterprise. That's why it's moving its mobile platform to windows 10 mobile as a Hail Mary.to attract developers and try to keep windows alive. Chromebooks are basically useless unless all you want is a web browser. And here comes the iPad Pro which is far more useful apps and far developers than Windows or Android. So with $450-$1200 Chromebooks vs an iPad Air or especially the iPad pro, the...
Great ad campaign. The briefness of the spots work perfectly for them. Short, sweet and to the point.
Finally! It took them long enough. It's a hands free device! All previous ads were someone sitting on their ass using the watch where ANY other device would have been a better option. Good grief!
New Posts  All Forums: