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I'm glad I'm on the S cycle, but I'm going to see if i can skip the 6 altogether. Such an ugly and huge for it's screen size device. I was at Verizon with a friend yesterday and the Samsung and most other phones looked better, even the 5C
I have have felt that begging and waiting for content from status quo networks was the wrong way to go about it. New content is always king. But I think Apple is better off encouraging new content creators and giving them a great forum. Producing content themselves seems kinda crazy. Just create the Internet framework for the big screen, but leave the content creation to others.
We're getting ads whether we like it or not. Way too much money involved. Maybe not during your show, but they'll be there, hopefully in a more valuable way, but they definitely be there somewhere.
The potential for this is huge. As big or bigger than the current App Store. There are just so many application possibilities not to mention advertising. Advertising revenue that Google will not be able to fully tap. This is the future of television. Gaming and streaming is just the tip of it. And if Apple can't pull it off, Google or someone else will.
Sounds awesome. With Internet tv exploding Apple is could not have delayed this upgrade any further. And as much as I use the chromecast stick, and as convenient as it is, it really is pretty junky. But it's been the most convenient device to date. Expect google to follow rather quickly. Advertising directly to the living too sounds rather lucrative. Especially with the slow death of consumer desktops and ad blocking on Apple devices.
Making an example the elderly can understand. You assume it doesn't have a button old man? I'm assuming the obvious, you asume it will have a carburetor I suppose.
None of us have used it, those are the same reasons I said it was foolish for Mstone and yourself to say it wouldn't be as good or whatever.Shortcuts? Off the top of I head I see pen based shortcuts where you place whatever you want exactly where you want far easier. Hold a pen button and draw a square for example. The possibilities are expanded tenfold vs keyboard shortcuts. Developers limiits will be their imagination.Now take your Prilosec
Let me tell you where I am coming from on this, I have a masters in technology in education. I teach both teachers and kids. Kindergarten kids come to class already versed in touch technology and intuitively touch any screen whether it's touch sensetive or not to make it work. Teachers on the other hand are hard to get up to speed.MStone's argument was baffling in that he stated lack of shortcuts were detrimental to the iPad pro and therefore not as good or whatever, not...
 Sounds like it's time for you to write a new one. 
And that's the problem it SOLVES. They are not intuitive and people need to learn the shortcuts so they could get shit done. Things that can be done intuitively on paper. Yes after years of practice you get the hang of it, and become really good at it. That's not saying much. You and your ridiculous notion that lack of your shortcuts is it's flaw, the way you are used to using the apps is how they should always be.Its the same problem with having people use any new tools....
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