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Great link. I will definitely check these when I get my watch. I can even see apple showing these and other custom straps on future commercials, much like the "stickers" commercial for the Macbook. Makes so much more personal.
For women I love both of the thinner link bracelets. Look much modern and stylish than the traditional links.I I would magine more women would go this route.
I think Apple can just bump specs yearly like they do macs, and not do "all new" ipads every year. Maybe just minor upgrades and "all new" ipads every three years or so.
We have the original ipad, which we never use, and ipad 2 which we use every day to surf, watch Hulu and Netflix. As old as it is, it handles those tasks just fine. It looks and feels as premium as anything I've ever held. Sure a new one would blow it away and be much lighter, but for Hulu, Netflix and surfing, I have no urge to run out and spend $500 for a new one. It must have a killer new feature for me to consider an upgrade. I'll use my ipad 2 until it drops dead.
For a while there was no Mac advertising presence anywhere on TV, web or print,. And on the flipside, there were a lot of Windows machines ads bashing the Macbook. But late last year, early 2015 for a few months there was a hurricane of Macbook commercials. The one with stickers on the back of the Macbook was everywhere. I have to imagine that helped just a wee bit.
So bad. These are really the epitome of schmaltzy. Apple is focusing on  people lounging around who could easily pull out their Phone or interact far more comfortably with just about any other device. They should just focus on people on the go. Using Apple Pay, athletic activity, or a guy on a ladder hammering a nail. Situations where pulling out an iPhone is not the easiest thing to do. These do not give anyone a reason why they should go out and buy the thing.
Been using ios 9 since it became available, And while the difference is minor, it makes huge difference. The OS has never looked and felt more polished and sophisticated. It was the right choice to change it among the other minor changes.
The Amazon Fire sticks sold out fast. I tried to get one first thing this morning and gone. Many of their sale items sold out quickly
The slogan was first used for the iPhone 4 commercials
Well the "humanized" ones were becoming cringe worthy clichés. The Watch ones in particular looked like antidepressants ads. Now THOSE were tone deaf in its over the top clichéd Applelyness. So much so that those came off across as schmaltzy to the nth degree.
New Posts  All Forums: