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MS already has a prototype of Windows 8 running on ARM, if there is demand for Windows to run on a Mac, MS will make it available. I do not see that as the biggest concern.
I agree. And as a graphic designer, we have been using Wacom tablets for more than a decade now. Mouse and keyboards are great, but were not always the best option for a lot of our work. I expect a lot of innovation for graphic artists in the coming years because of tablets.
When company execs come out say such contradictory to reality statements such as this, it causes stockholders to panic. Reminds me of something the RIM heads would say. I know it is their fiduciary duty to reassure their stockholders, but when it comes off as blatant pandering, people start dropping the stock like the plague.
I agree. I just hoped HP was up to the challenge and evolve as required. Maybe this was the best option at hand for them since most PC and phone manufacturers other than Apple were chasing each others ass for small margins or even losses.
This is bad news for all of us. We need strong competition to drive innovation and competitive pricing. Hopefully the spun off HP can survive and thrive. Or be sold to capable hands.
I knew settling on the original case would open up a can of worms.
Good question. There is no 4G service where I work, but I travel a lot, so it would be great is there was a way to switch it off to conserve battery and switch it on when 4G was available and you wanted to go online.
Seems reasonable to me too. The glass back is gorgeous no doubt, but if the phone is capable and looks just as nice as the classic iPhone 4, why re-engineer the whole thing? I would imagine this is legit. Makes too much sense not be.
This is better than releasing a tablet that also includes sandpaper, so that the user can sand down their fingers to around one quarter of their present size. Maybe a 7" is on the way.
Will Apple become the new Starbucks? At this pace they will soon reach their saturation point.
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