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Let me tell you where I am coming from on this, I have a masters in technology in education. I teach both teachers and kids. Kindergarten kids come to class already versed in touch technology and intuitively touch any screen whether it's touch sensetive or not to make it work. Teachers on the other hand are hard to get up to speed.MStone's argument was baffling in that he stated lack of shortcuts were detrimental to the iPad pro and therefore not as good or whatever, not...
 Sounds like it's time for you to write a new one. 
And that's the problem it SOLVES. They are not intuitive and people need to learn the shortcuts so they could get shit done. Things that can be done intuitively on paper. Yes after years of practice you get the hang of it, and become really good at it. That's not saying much. You and your ridiculous notion that lack of your shortcuts is it's flaw, the way you are used to using the apps is how they should always be.Its the same problem with having people use any new tools....
You are straightjacketing yourself to position that is foolhardy. It would be a much better way to work, nobody said there would not be well designed software to leverage the thing, or that people would not have a wireless keyboard for it to the side, or in conjunction with it.  That it can support great software for it is about the only real concern for any pro interested in it . 
 Nonsense. Anyone, especially if you use these tools on a daily basis such as myself knows that  the keyboard and mouse combo for art is the least intuitive way to work imaginable. You get the hang of it, you get used to it, you get good at it, but it's in no way the preferred way anyone wants to work.And there will be of course shortcut options that are iPad-specific. That's the very least of it. 
If true, I think it's a great idea and would be tempted as long as it was offered in black. Color is not that big a deal but bright neon colors are not my favorites.
Great link. I will definitely check these when I get my watch. I can even see apple showing these and other custom straps on future commercials, much like the "stickers" commercial for the Macbook. Makes so much more personal.
For women I love both of the thinner link bracelets. Look much modern and stylish than the traditional links.I I would magine more women would go this route.
I think Apple can just bump specs yearly like they do macs, and not do "all new" ipads every year. Maybe just minor upgrades and "all new" ipads every three years or so.
We have the original ipad, which we never use, and ipad 2 which we use every day to surf, watch Hulu and Netflix. As old as it is, it handles those tasks just fine. It looks and feels as premium as anything I've ever held. Sure a new one would blow it away and be much lighter, but for Hulu, Netflix and surfing, I have no urge to run out and spend $500 for a new one. It must have a killer new feature for me to consider an upgrade. I'll use my ipad 2 until it drops dead.
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