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I hope this comes to pass. Blackberry deserves better than the fate the companies blunders put it in. MS has the money to do something worthwhile with it. The other Chinese companies would merely rape and pimp it like a street corner hooker.
...and bad news is only going to snowball for Pebble in the following years as used Apple Watches and Android Wear are going to hit the market for a comparable price to their new low end models. Who in their right mind would go for something like a Pebble when far more advanced, capable and better looking products are on the market for less or comparable?  I love an underdog fight as much as anyone, but this one they cannot win. The end is nigh for Pebble if they can't...
The man said with all we now know, he would STILL had made the biggest blunder in American history and invaded Iraq. ..and now this? The man is as big a moron as his brother.
It sounds like those up for an upgrade, like me , will be very very happy.
None of this will come to pass without heavy governmental scrutiny you can guarantee. The issue of royalties paid to artists will also play a big part in any discussion. There is a fine line here separating at least 4 different concerns. Artists, labels, streaming services, radio, and the challenge not to also strangle the goose laying the eggs and price it above what the market/consumers can afford without driving consumers back to piracy. In which case everyone loses.
The doctor thinks the meds will help you. I think so too
Epp epp epp, take your meds. Don't forget to take your meds.
First, Apple wants to eliminate the free option from Spotify and others. Apple knows they can't compete one on one so they want to eliminate that option to eliminate any advantage. Sleazy.Second, since they don't have to the 30% they can undercut everyone and still make more money.Third, they are directly copying the competition model because they were beginning to lose their monopoly with iTunes. Customers are ditching their iTunes model for streaming, so Apple wants to...
CBlock all you want. Cover your eyes ears and mouth. That is the reality and what WILL happen. It would be unthinkable for regulatory arms to not take action, besides being unethical.
I love Apple products as much as anyone, but as Apple gets in the streaming game it is going to HAVE to change. These are serious anti-competitive issues that will not go away. We do not want to see happen to Spotify what happened to EVERYONE under Windows. If Apple doesn't address this, they should get their asses sued big time. Spotify has a great service, and if the only way Apple can compete with them is the Walmart or Microsoft way, where by nothing but sheer virtue...
New Posts  All Forums: