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I find this direction really fascinating. There is a lot of improvement needed in the medical side of tech. Great for consumers and health and great for Apple. 
I think a leveling out was always in the cards. Every new product category eventually reaches its saturation point. I use my iPad 2 every day. People love their iPads but they are so good at what they do that older models are still great for most people. It would be a real problem if others were taking any real market share from Apple. When people want a tablet they still choose the iPad over anything else. The numbers will remain the way Macs are now with smaller sales...
Sounds good to me
What I love about Spotify is it is not algorithm based. I play what I want when I want. I can listen to what friends are listening to or check out suggested lists or artists if I am in the mood, but I like being in control. Music is too personal to hand it off to any algorithm. I find them infinitely frustrating. I didn't know how much I hated Pandoras algorithm based service until I tried Spotify. Ditto Beats.
It's skewed to whatever you want it to be
Love spotify, great for consumers and anyone who loves music, but can see how it's not the best scenario for artists.
Before entering an agreement is when one should cry foul, not after you had the cake and ate it.
As a big proponent of the larger screen since way back when you were called a troll for uttering such a thing, I bought and returned the 6 because I liked the IDEA of using a large iphone, but the reality once having iny hands and pockets is its not for ME. I personally think the device is too big and probably not break with my active lifestyle. There is also no way I could take it to the gym like I do my 5 or the 5s I exchanged it for. For most people the 6 is the perfect...
Yikes! I would hate my iPhone band to be peeling off like that. A new attenagate may be brewing if that is representative of the wear and tear we are in for. Not too mention it is just not the most elegant of iPhone. There could be a backlash at how low end this phone looks and how much it costs.
The Jumbo pad rumor was preposterous from the start, so no news there. And on the second rumor, I will give a far east source the benefit of the doubt on rumors happening on there side of the hemisphere, but having inside info from ARIZONA? ...Yeah right.
New Posts  All Forums: