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Point taken. And if people such as yourself are as passionate about round, there may be one as some point
I'm hoping there is a find my watch option. Whereas your phone is not always visible on display, this sucker will be at the very least teasing purse and phone snatchers to open their horizons
The whole point is to deliver information in the most concise and readable format within a limited space.
Notice how round content (obviously) is more appropriate for the round shape and text information for the rectangle.So traditional analog faces, happy faces, planets, hula hoops etc all look better on a round device.But round is s a ridiculous shape for a text based information device.
Could it be the force touch is for the home button, replacing the mechanical components and replacing it with the non moving force touch implementation. To me it seams like the most practical implementation rather than the entire screen.
And laws would need to be changed to allow Apple to be able to sell the cars themselves. Current laws prohit car companies of selling cars directly to customers
The documentary on the doomed first GM electric car said when the car came to the dealer, the service on it was quite easy. No engine, no transmission, no catalytic converters, no radiator, no oil changes or oil filters. They simply checked the brakes, lubricated moving parts, checked batteries and pressure on the tires and done. Sounds like something perfect for a customer and margins minded Apple
Love Touch ID. That feature alone is reason to switch to iPhone
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