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It cold be nice for artists and people who use the iPad as their primary media streaming device. The ability to add a keyboard/mouse and ability to process more powerful pro software such as full blown photoshop, illustrator and pro sound and video, then it would become an indispensable artists tool. Let's see what they deliver.
I do creative work so I am the market for it. I hope there is pressure sensitivity and a more powerful version of iOS. If i can also make do with it as a laptop alternative then it's a phenomenal product for me. All I am saying is it better be more than just a humongous iPad.
Artists? Who else could this gigantic slab be aimed at? I can't imagine too many people thrusting And tieing to the of top of their car, appling the red safety flag and towing to Starbucks
To me it sounds like Apple is looking to have something special. Algorithms, such as what Pandora employs is absolute crap. Especially with music lovers who's knowledge and depth of music a far more complex that find it maddening. The human element is not something you delegate to computer script. The human element, especially in discovery is something that is a must. There is so much new music being produced every day, that more than ever before, we need a concerted...
  Yeah that , or just plain terrible. I think most people with agree on the "just plain terrible. Next.
 But I am. I'm getting one. These commercials are just plain terrible.
Oh wow pretty awful. I wonder if these were done in-house. The second one is good as it focuses mostly on the practicality without being overly sell-y or smarmy. But that first one is as bad as anything Samsung ever aired. ..and why is everyone so fn sad? wtf? Expect these to be universally  derided and mocked. Are they selling Abilfy? I was expecting it to finish with may cause drowsiness, discontinue if you have suicidal thoughts or depression worsens. This one is ending...
Could be that damage will happen if any moisture gets in and condensates. Maybe the water damage occurs over time.
...then again with Nokia shopping them around, résumés are already landing on Apple HR laps. Maybe they can get the Here talent for far cheaper than 3 billion
A sale would make sense. The talent alone. I would imagine maping is something daunting that taxes Apple employees and is wearing them thin.
New Posts  All Forums: