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It's clear Sculley is suffering from depression.
lol I pads are going to be everywhere, we are going to have to watch our step and not trip over one of them.
This thread is hilarious and all kinds of wrong. lol
I really appreciate that they want to cut down the weight of the new model as much as possible, but as someone who has worked with carbon fiber, I really don't see it as financially viable in commercial electronic consumer products like a case for a laptop. Overkill in my opinion. Its also very difficult and time consuming to produce two sided products that look aesthetically pleasing. And last I heard it was in short supply in part because of the Boeing Dreamliner. Other...
I think Apple played its cards right with this product. The ipad has been a huge gamble for Apple that paid off. The reason we are not seeing as many ipad clones as people predicted is because of the ipad's price point. The profit margin on this thing is not very much and the competition were hoping the Ipad would come in at a huge mark up. They were hoping that they could then come in and offer a product for a couple of hundred dollars less and have them in Walmart and...
I agree, I live in a well off community in California and the people shopping Walmart has changed. Everyone is looking for the best possible pricing. The people shopping Walmart is very diverse now. In some cases, for certain products it would be crazy to shop anywhere else, especially when almost everything they need is available in one store. If the Ipad continues to be successful, it will be beneficial for everyone, consumer, Apple and the competition in the long run.
Hey, Microsoft, Google and every other dominant company got it's market share by being available to potential customers everywhere. Could Apple continue to compete against Android as a boutique brand? Sure, I think so, but it might also stack the odds against it as more aggressive companies like Google or even MS strive to take the lead. I think their customers could care less where they purchase their products.
Hope this is finally true. I have been planing on switching from my BB to a Android, but now I think I will wait and see. I think a Verizon iphone will hurt RIM more than anyone else. I think more people are dissatisfied with their BB's than Android or maybe even AT&T.
The mark-up is quite low, but if they manage to sell a mil per quarter, that would be around $34 million per quarter. Not bad for a hobby, It would buy Jobs a lot of turtlenecks.
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