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I agree, in most instances curved objects do better in regards to accidental breakage. But I am dieing to see how Jonathan Ive and company pull this off. They have been on a roll hitting product design out of the park for so long.
Yes I do. And also know for a "fact" that you are an ass.
The next iPhone will in fact have the larger screen. There have been far too many insiders proclaim this up and down. I would also imagine the case to be the real deal too. I would imagine a huge segment of VZ customers have held off on the iPhone 4 knowing that the new version was a mere months away, including myself. The iPhone 5 with the larger screen and the A5 will be Apple's highest selling device to date. To say it will far outsell the iPhone 4 is a huge...
Agree with everyone. This is long overdue. Let Android have all of this they want. It was starting to become something like searching for anything on Google lately, mostly futile for anything but spam, malware and porn.
Iphone 6? Let's finish gossiping on the iphone 5 before we move on to 6, 7 or 8
With the release of the white one so close to the release of the iPhone 5, i wonder if the relative rarity of the white one will make it a collectors item? Or will it still sell the "millions" some are predicting? I think the iPhone 4 is a work of art. I wonder if 20 years down the road some of these Apple gadgets, black or white will be collectors items. Maybe they have sold way too many of these to ever become collectors items or even rare 20 years later.
That was quick. Well at least Moto is on the ball and picking it self up, dusting itself off and trying again.
So cool. I waited for the 2nd gen and here it is. I will be getting my hands on my first iPad as soon as it is on sale. I cant wait.
Cannot help to think that a lot of the rumors are attempts at stock manipulation, even if there may be some underlying truths. As in, don't buy this iPad ot Macbook, because there may be a better one soon after. Because the truth of the matter is, there will always be a new version around the corner.
USB, camera, hopefully faster CPU, slightly smaller form factor. Yep I held off on the first gen, but will pre-order this thing when it becomes available. I currently own two smart phone which I will drop down to regular feature phones and take a 3g ipad2 This second version will sell like hot cakes!
New Posts  All Forums: