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And laws would need to be changed to allow Apple to be able to sell the cars themselves. Current laws prohit car companies of selling cars directly to customers
The documentary on the doomed first GM electric car said when the car came to the dealer, the service on it was quite easy. No engine, no transmission, no catalytic converters, no radiator, no oil changes or oil filters. They simply checked the brakes, lubricated moving parts, checked batteries and pressure on the tires and done. Sounds like something perfect for a customer and margins minded Apple
Love Touch ID. That feature alone is reason to switch to iPhone
I love cars but I have always felt Apple should invest in satellite communications to be freed from cable and Internet constraints. It would open up many possibilities directly connected to their core strengths and established ecosystem.
Well I guess it  is subjective which is more "interesting". Our priorities change sometimes depending on the circumstances.
More interesting than saving lives and making a boatload of money doing so? When it comes to quality of life,  I don't think there is anything more interesting than something that could help. ...other than making a boatload of  money doing so rather
I find this direction really fascinating. There is a lot of improvement needed in the medical side of tech. Great for consumers and health and great for Apple. 
I think a leveling out was always in the cards. Every new product category eventually reaches its saturation point. I use my iPad 2 every day. People love their iPads but they are so good at what they do that older models are still great for most people. It would be a real problem if others were taking any real market share from Apple. When people want a tablet they still choose the iPad over anything else. The numbers will remain the way Macs are now with smaller sales...
Sounds good to me
What I love about Spotify is it is not algorithm based. I play what I want when I want. I can listen to what friends are listening to or check out suggested lists or artists if I am in the mood, but I like being in control. Music is too personal to hand it off to any algorithm. I find them infinitely frustrating. I didn't know how much I hated Pandoras algorithm based service until I tried Spotify. Ditto Beats.
New Posts  All Forums: