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The orientation is fine, but the Pebble is still tacky useless garbage.
If you like the cheap look of generic RadioShack disposable gadgets and the Pebble's uselessness, I guess the Pebble is OK, but the nicest most modern wrist device by far right now is the new Galaxy Fit..and far more useful.
So when is Google not going to be evil. I thought it was their motto. Like "trust me" "I'm good for it" "just the tip"
I was about to say the same thing. Steve loved the gadgets he was creating and dreamed of them at night. His enthusiasm was obvious and contagious. When the passion and driving force move along, we get today's Microsoft.
There was no new ipod touch announced this year. I expect this "new" product to be a larger ipod touch
If Android was clear and "free" and without uncertainty, I would say it would not make sense. But, as Oracle, MS and Apple (indirectly) continue with their assault on Android, It sounds like Amazon, with it's heavy profitable content operation has what it takes to take Web OS where HP couldn't. If Android did not have any of the baggage, I would just say why bother? Just take Android from underneath Google and run with it, but that is not the case.
Man, this guy's name must be remembered. This has got to be one of the most, if not THE most foolish claim by an "analyst" yet. And there are some doozies! I need to get me one of these analysts jobs. These guys are always wrong and never get fired. OOPS! I forgot an "analysts" job is just stock manipulation. My bad.
Agree 100% We need hungry companies like Google. They push the envelope. But they are also taking advantage of other companies by taking shortcuts by blatantly copying their successful and innovative products. They need to pay and be punished for unfair practices, but it will do no one any good by seeing them gone.
MS already has a prototype of Windows 8 running on ARM, if there is demand for Windows to run on a Mac, MS will make it available. I do not see that as the biggest concern.
I agree. And as a graphic designer, we have been using Wacom tablets for more than a decade now. Mouse and keyboards are great, but were not always the best option for a lot of our work. I expect a lot of innovation for graphic artists in the coming years because of tablets.
New Posts  All Forums: