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The iPhone 6 is a technical marvel and is finally available with a larger screen option. It's a great gadget, and that's what's important.But aesthetically, it is certainly not a beautiful gadget by any metric. I was actually thinking of skipping the 6 cycle as my 5s is still going strong and it is gorgeous. But hopefully they can smooth out the rough edges on the 6s and at least get rid of the camera bulge.
Could it be that the reason for the original sapphire front facing glass was for such a transition? And the inability to source it led to abandoning this on the iPhone 6 and the reason it looks so half baked and shoddy? A last minute emergency redesign? There has to be a reason for the regression in design quality from the gorgeous 4 and 5 to the awkward mongrel that the 6 turned out to be. I expect the 7 to go back up to the previous design excellence Apple is known for.
I'm glad I wait for the S-cycle. I love my 5s and the chip improvement and touch id. Love touch Id. Looks like the 6s is going to be another great improvement.
I think it's interesting that here we are in June and we have yet to see actual part leaks. In this case the back with dual lens or fronts with added flash opening. This has to set some sort of precedent.
Making fun of that Samsung keynote a few years back
Which goes back to design follows form and function, it was an awful choice for a system wide font. That is exactly what aesthetics are about. A font may be nice for one thing but not another. A good designer does not need anyone reminding them of that. It should be instinctive.
Designers were clear that it was an awful choice. It was removed for that exact reason.
..well that changes everything!
No good designer would have used Nue in the first place
Kidding aside it's a good move. Nue was a "look at me!" font, instead of a good font to look at. It looked dated from day one. The entirety of the iOS 7 redesign was about flash, whereas good design is almost invisible, you don't notice it until you come across bad design. Which again was iOS 7
New Posts  All Forums: