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Kidding aside it's a good move. Nue was a "look at me!" font, instead of a good font to look at. It looked dated from day one. The entirety of the iOS 7 redesign was about flash, whereas good design is almost invisible, you don't notice it until you come across bad design. Which again was iOS 7
This is so incredible! I'm so happy! I'm getting goosebumps all over. Or maybe I'm breaking out in hives. I can't tell, which is apropos. Wow!
A lot of folks I know with Android phones are telling me they are going to switch. I tell them to wait until this fall when the new one is out. If the new phone does have the biggest improvement in camera on an iPhone as has been speculated, then I think it's only going snowball this year.
I think there is far more value in new content than a library. Media is driven by new content, Apple could leverage it's size with enticing production companies to bring content directly to Apple and directly to consumers bypassing networks and studios. Let production companies take the risk and a bigger share of the prize. It's the inevitable. Apple with it's Apple TV as the blank sheet of paper to forge forward instead of messing around with a dead structure that is...
I still say Apple has a blank sheet of paper and should forget about appeasing the networks and old media plaque build up. There must be plenty of content producers that would love to bypass the networks and provide an outlet like Apple TV the content directly. Direct to Internet is the future of content. TV networks as we know them are at the end of life cycle.
Hey Mac for the Mac Hey home for homekit/Apple tv But probably have the ability to name your device whatever user chooses
 It would be as good a time as any if they were to ditch the numbering of iPhones and call that itteration the iPhone X
I hope this comes to pass. Blackberry deserves better than the fate the companies blunders put it in. MS has the money to do something worthwhile with it. The other Chinese companies would merely rape and pimp it like a street corner hooker.
...and bad news is only going to snowball for Pebble in the following years as used Apple Watches and Android Wear are going to hit the market for a comparable price to their new low end models. Who in their right mind would go for something like a Pebble when far more advanced, capable and better looking products are on the market for less or comparable?  I love an underdog fight as much as anyone, but this one they cannot win. The end is nigh for Pebble if they can't...
The man said with all we now know, he would STILL had made the biggest blunder in American history and invaded Iraq. ..and now this? The man is as big a moron as his brother.
New Posts  All Forums: