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I knew settling on the original case would open up a can of worms.
Good question. There is no 4G service where I work, but I travel a lot, so it would be great is there was a way to switch it off to conserve battery and switch it on when 4G was available and you wanted to go online.
Seems reasonable to me too. The glass back is gorgeous no doubt, but if the phone is capable and looks just as nice as the classic iPhone 4, why re-engineer the whole thing? I would imagine this is legit. Makes too much sense not be.
This is better than releasing a tablet that also includes sandpaper, so that the user can sand down their fingers to around one quarter of their present size. Maybe a 7" is on the way.
Will Apple become the new Starbucks? At this pace they will soon reach their saturation point.
Google put itself in a tight patent troll trap. I agree with folks here that they need these patents more than Apple. I hope Google comes out the winning bidder. Apple needs a strong competitor. I am not a huge Android fan, but I like that they have moved the industry forward in ways that might not have happened if Apple completely dominated the mobile space. Competition is great for the consumer.
I agree with the NY Times, I think a "less expensive" version is more likely than a "mini" iPhone. The iPhone 4 with it's glass, stainless steel band and retina display is a luxurious product in the consumer electronics field. I can see the same engineering and product development costs being the key to driving down the cost of a great cell phone in a more basic model.
If the price is right and works out of the box with my ipad and iphone for airplay, remote and such, I cannot see why I wouldn't choose it over other TV's.
I know what you mean. I just meant the Iphone is jack of all trades than can whip circles around Blackberies (other than email and messaging) but a dedicated business phone geared specific from the ground up for business professionals, with none of the trade-offs that a general purpose consumer product would offer. Such as a physical keyboard and only business specific apps. It would certainly be a niche market. I would get one. I already own two phones, an Iphone and a...
I used to think that an Apple buyout of RIM for their patents would make sense. I thought it was a perfect fit. For Apple to take Blackberry back to the business of building the best business smartphone around. With just one model ala the iPhone. Just one topnotch all purpose Blackberry business phone instead of wasting their resources building so many of the various variations on the same phone. It's probably not worth it for Apple anymore as a new notification system is...
New Posts  All Forums: