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100% agree. This fact is why a la carte TV will not be a cheaper alternative that everyone assumes it should be.
I have used it successfully at the following: * Whole Foods - every other week since it launched * Home Depot - Not an officially supported place, but it worked in the windows & door area and self checkout. Used a few times * Sports Authority - a few of times * Walgreens - frequently * Panera Bread - a few times * American Eagle   I also use it in the Groupon App every time. And it is cake there.   There was one store, JC Penney, I think, that it said Done but...
ah, yes. The infamous AI sponsor + tax evasion tactic. I enjoy many things about AI, but this tax evasion encouragement is my biggest issue. Note to all readers: FACT: Just because a site doesn't collect sales tax on a purchase you make, does not mean you are not required to pay said sales tax. You are still responsible for paying said tax. Remember, AI is not a Tax Advisor, and should not be making any suggestions or comments regarding your personal tax situation, nor...
I have an issue with the store on all devices and was successful in using Apple Pay @ Whole Foods.
You have to ask yourself why Apple, knowing it was using the patents, decided to stop paying two months ago. This leads me to believe that Erricson was looking for a larger payday from Apple than it previously got (think about how the iPhone has exploded since 2008). Also, specifically choosing that Texas court, as opposed to one near Apple? While I wouldn't call them patent trolls, the sure are exhibiting troll-like behavior.
Well he did say active users. It could prevent some sharing from going through, which if not alerted to, one may not know it isn't working
 Quick question, that just dawned on me. How does a Chinese handset maker using a sapphire glass in any way support the above headline?
I was thinking the same thing. It could be that Apple is subsiding this phone as a real world test.
Actually, I have started to see all these formally Ultraviolet only start including the option of iTunes HD again. Something that just came out I noticed, but only if you picked it up and look at the back.Honestly, I bet it was a resource issue. Too rushed and Apple wanted to keep its word to employees already on holiday.That, or they wanted exclusive and/or for the film to be free.
Apple never said you could only buy music from them. As a matter of fact, iPods existed before the iTMS, so that argument is also false. Apple restricted what DRM you could use on an iPod. Ripped from a CD, purchased from a non-DRM music site, etc ? All worked fine. Real looking to gain sales on the popularity of the iPod, by resorting to a hack? That is the crutch of this case. how this even got this far is baffling to me. Plus, did they ever find a real Plantiff?And it...
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