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I, too, have a high concentration of iPhone users, and maybe two or three people have the watch.You can't compare the Apple Watch to the iPhone at this point. iPhone fever, as you call it, really didn't start until the 3GS, and really took off with the 4, and the end of exclusive arrangements.I have owned Apple products since I was 10 years old, in 1983. My first iPod? The 3rd gen. My first iPhone? The 4 (it was released at a time when minutes mattered, and all my family,...
Don't need an Office 365 subscription for that
I have found Siri to be pretty good and gets better all the time. iOS 9 will bring even more improvements. But I've noticed a trend. Tech company CEO, "Hmm, what can I do to get tons of free press? I know, call an Apple product $#!+"
I predict that Apple will have to change the 30% cut on repeating subscriptions. The problem is these apps are free. Perhaps Apple changes the rule for subscription services to 30% of the first month. But that still doesn't work. Maybe 30% the first month and 10% for consecutive months. It can't be a one time fee because Apple IS incurring costs every month for these other services. It would be unfair to Apple to prevent them from collecting anything on an ongoing basis....
I believe that will happen once all these data centers and the new HQ are done. They will replace cheap foreign labor with robots and fewer, yet higher paid, people, likely state side. These higher paid people will be responsible for maintaining the robots.
Pretty much. That's my point. It's crazy, right?
Depends on who is adding the keywords. If I read it correctly, Apple set up keywords including iWatch.However, any company that, since 2007 (conservatively), adds a lowercase "i" to a product to name it, clearly are trying to use the Apple halo.
Exactly. The 3GS started the must have, followed by the 4. Then the end of AT&T exclusivity launched it into the stratosphere.The announced before the first watch shipped they wouldn't break the. Out because of exactly this. The speculation that said numbers would cause on a product in its infancy
The new American way
New Posts  All Forums: