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Pretty much. That's my point. It's crazy, right?
Depends on who is adding the keywords. If I read it correctly, Apple set up keywords including iWatch.However, any company that, since 2007 (conservatively), adds a lowercase "i" to a product to name it, clearly are trying to use the Apple halo.
Exactly. The 3GS started the must have, followed by the 4. Then the end of AT&T exclusivity launched it into the stratosphere.The announced before the first watch shipped they wouldn't break the. Out because of exactly this. The speculation that said numbers would cause on a product in its infancy
The new American way
The service goes live in 8 days. I've gotten the sign up screen in the 8.4 beta, but it doesn't go anywhere. How did you get it to go through?
 Some good points - but I have some questions. The announcement should've been no more than 15 minutes tops of the entire keynote. 100% agree. I don't recall One More Things... being this long... Just Eddy Cue on stage announcing an Apple streaming service and covering off the main points. No Jimmy Iovine, no Drake, no Zane Lowe videos. 100% agree. Streaming access to nearly anything you can buy on iTunes (perhaps highlight music available here that isn't available...
I think come the fall/iPhone event, we will hear more about iTunes Match. I am paid through I think 11/19, whatever day it officially launched a few years ago. It seems redundant, but then again, there may be aspects to iTunes Match that are not part of Apple Music.
Understood. The author was saying unlimited like iTunes Match subscribers have today, but that is inaccurate. We do not have unlimited skipping.
 iTunes Match subscribers get ad-free, but still the same 6 skip limit per station/per hour.
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