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1. Check again or check settings or something. Mine seem to work and show up fine on my Mac and iPhone.2. Have you ejected your Time Machine Disk and rebooted and turned TM off and back on?3. Have you connected with a USB to try? or just WiFi sync?
Agreed. I was going to respond how are they the same and how is one mutually exclusive of the other? But, really, s/he/it likely never used each feature, and my saying how valuable I find each of them for different purposes, but you can't reason with some people.
Well, it does have a dynamic wallpaper....
Exactly. Which is why I always try to talk people (strangers, even) out of the "free" iPhone and opt for at least the $99 one
Ha. No. Told her to exchange it. Didn't want to spend the $100 more. Has finally come around to my line of thinking that $100 over 2 years is irrelevant. She will be getting a 6 when I do.
My wife got the 4S last year when the 5 dropped the 4S to $99. Wanted 16gb and thought the $99 would be 8gb, so picked it up the weekend before the 5 announcement at Target for $99. Then when my 5 came in she was like "how does this feel even better/lighter?"The 5 is truly an engineering feat.
 Right, money isn't ALWAYS the answer, but it often can help. And as sog35 has pointed out, this is the type of "problem" that money will help. It reduces Apple dependency on third parties. That is the Apple way. Do everything you can to not rely on others. Removes two things. 1. Revenue from Samsung as Apple is a large customer. Won't hurt Samsung initially, but could in the future.2. Bottlenecks - I am sure that Apple is (a) sick of not having enough product at launch...
You and me both. I agree. We will see some jobs come back/created by this, and higher paying ones, at that. It just will be far from a 1:1. Wall-E and his cousins will be the next wave of American manufacturing workers. Guess I am fine with this. Those low wage manufacturing jobs were never coming back here. Will still be a net win for the US economy, even if relatively small. Plus, no healthcare, labor laws, etc to contend with.
I agree. Not only that, it can also help them move to where ever in the world they want.  This, plus the Arizona sapphire buy, the Upstate NY foundries, the "California" pride, the Mac Pro being made in the USA, comments from Cook -- We will see maybe the iPhone 7 or 8 being Made in the USA
I actually think that is better than I would have expected for what amounts to a high priced accessory. I do think it was a "we will ship first" so we can't be accused of copying Apple product.
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